How To Run Bluetooth On windows 7 – Make Your PC Easy To Reach and Pair Devices

Have you ever wondered how Bluetooth works? Maybe seeing Bluetooth devices share files without the assistance of external wires blows your wildest imaginations, indeed Bluetooth is a convenient substitute for wires, Which you can use to connect supported phones, mice, headsets, printers, keyboards, tablets, and so many other devices to your computer, as long as that device supports Bluetooth.

The truth is that Bluetooth is so simple to make use of but to a novice or beginner is very hard. Bluetooth doesn’t work by magic, to connect Bluetooth devices, one or either both of the devices must be “discoverable.” And this initial Bluetooth connection process is called “pairing.” in this article, we will concentrate on how to help you set up Bluetooth on your Windows 7 and how to make your PC easy to reach and pair device.

How To Run Bluetooth on Windows 7

Step 1: The first thing you have to do is to click on the office button and select “my computer.”

Step 2: click on the hard drive, right click and open the content of the hard drive,

Step 3: select “windows” open it and go to “ system editor” right click and open it.

Step 4: go to the dialog box on the top right corner of the screen and type “ SQUIRT, on doing that the Bluetooth indicator appears having the name you typed,

 Step 5: copy it and paste it to your desktop.

Congratulations, you can now receive or send information.

If you observe that your PC your PC doesn’t have Bluetooth support (which is the case for many desktops), don’t worry you can buy or purchase a cheap Bluetooth adapter. This is just like a small USB dongle that gives Bluetooth access on any machine or PC.

Next, make sure the Bluetooth on the other device is enabled and can be seen and accessed by any other Bluetooth source. Bluetooth will be enabled by default on Bluetooth mice and headsets. Moreover, it may be disabled on smartphones and tablets.

Make the PC and Devices Discoverable

Just the Bluetooth has been enabled on both your computer and device, won’t make it start seeing each other .to make them see another, it must be discoverable. In the discoverable mode, your PC or device emits signals advertising itself. This after using the Bluetooth device make sure you disabled it for security reasons, it only needs to be enabled when you are pairing devices.

The only thing you have to do is to make one of the devices discoverable. Doing this for either your PC or the system you want to connect will work, but it doesn’t cost much to do it for the both.

To enable your Windows 7 PC to be discoverable, follow these tips:

  • Click the Office button and select Devices and Printers on the right side of the office menu.
  • Right-Click your computer name (or Bluetooth adapter name)you will see the list of devices, in the list of devices and select Bluetooth settings.
  • Take your cursor to the Allow Bluetooth devices to find this computer checkbox in the Bluetooth Settings window, and then click OK. Happily, Your computer will now be discoverable to other devices.

Likewise, to enable your phone to be discoverable, go into its Bluetooth options. If you are making use of Android, you’ll find this at Settings > Connected devices. On iOS, head to Settings > Bluetooth. Both will show a message like Now discoverable as [Name] when the device is ready to pair.

NOTE: while pairing a Bluetooth, or headphones, make sure you follow the instructions in the manual to enable the device into pairing mode. Typically, you will need to hold the power button for some seconds or something similar.

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