How to save backup of games on PC

game save
game save

What could be more annoying than losing game backups or having to reinstall Windows and then restore everything by one by one? Fortunately, GameSave Manager does it for you.

Who has never lost game backups on their PC? Formatted PC or corrupt backup? End of life hard drive or lost USB key? Lose all the hours spent growing your Civilization VI world or your umpteenth character in Skyri. Fortunately for you, you are not alone.

Some programmers then created software to save backups of their games on PC.

How to save backup of games on PC

To get started, download GameSave Manager and unzip the file. Double click on the file gs_mngr_3 to start the program. During installation, you can choose the Italian language if you do not speak Shakespeare’s language. Once the installation is complete, the software will automatically start and scan your hard drives to find the games installed.

Download GameSave Manager

In the list above, the program will have detected games from different platforms- Steam, Twitch, Blizzard or Epic Games (we have not tested with Uplay or GOG).

Check the box at the top left to select all the backups. If you wish, you can select the games one by one or even choose the backup or backups to save.

Then click on the Save button at the top right and choose the folder in which to save the backup. The program then compresses the backups into a clean format (gsba).

All you have to do is save the backups to Google Drive, Dropbox or any other reliable storage medium you use.

Note, the next time you open the application, GameSave Manager will offer to scan your computer again to find new games installed.


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