How to see the travel history of your phone on the map

travel history of Google Maps
travel history of Google Maps

To know where we’ve been at all times we can use the Location History of our Google Account.

There we will see the map of google maps and a calendar. If we click on a date, we can see where we were that day and what moves we did.

What is and how the travel history of Google Maps works

The Android device with GPS that you always carry with you sends Google computers the position of every place you visit. 

The company collects this information and saves a history or history of locations, which only you can easily access using the Google Maps service.

With this save you will be able to know the path or last position of your mobile phone before turning off or losing your Internet connection. 

It is one of the first things that are usually consulted when tracing a lost or stolen phone.

To view your location history, you only need the Google account registered on your Android device and a PC. 

This information can also be viewed on the same mobile phone.

See the travel history of a phone on Google Maps

To see and your travels and your daily journeys (the detailed history of all the places you’ve been to, including places where you did not use Google Maps), you need to go to the Google Maps web page.

Inside, simply press the Menu icon, located at the top left of the page.

From this menu, you must click on the History section.

What will appear will be the path of your mobile phone on a map. A series of red dots will appear, representing all the places where the phone was.

You can filter the positions by year, month or day. Or even see all the positions since you activated the google account on your mobile phone or smartphone.

For example, if you want to know what you did on January 15, 2018, just indicate this date in the box above. And so for every day, you want to investigate. 

What you will get will be a route on the map and a story with all your travels, by car and on foot. You will know exactly the minutes you have spent behind the wheel and the distance you have made. You will have the exact time and minute you have been in each of the places. 

Being able to review with incredible precision what were your movements in the past, it is something that your memory is simply unable to preserve.

View the location history on an Android phone

All these options are also available from the Google Maps version on your mobile phone.

To view the location history in Google Maps directly on our phone, the first thing we have to do is open the application from the phone.

Once you open google maps, you can swipe your finger from left to right or touch the three lines in the upper left corner and select the History option.

From this app, you can view locations by date, delete locations, change the date and time of location, add notes, among other things.

You have another option, which we found very interesting, which is to add notes to each day. Just click on the pencil icon and type. This will help you to write down any detail and retrieve it later.


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