How to see WhatsApp status of others without being seen

Whatsapp Tricks Tips Android 93207 730x419 m
Whatsapp Tricks Tips Android 93207 730x419 m

We explain step by step a trick to go and see the status of WhatsApp of our contacts without being seen and without having to disable the reading confirmation or the double blue arrows.

That WhatsApp is one of the most used instant messaging applications all over the world is not a secret.

This is partly due to the ease with which it allows us to communicate and share almost any type of file in a fast and freeway. But also to the social network function in the “States” section, with which you can share photos or videos with our contacts for a period of 24 hours.

We can know who has seen our states in WhatsApp by clicking on the eye icon, but there is also the possibility of not letting another person know that we have looked at his status.

How to see the status of WhatsApp of others without being seen? In these cases, an option is to disable the two blue arrows of the read confirmation, but there is another way to do this without having to deactivate this function.

It is for this reason that today we will explain step by step how to see the states of WhatsApp without being seen and without having to deactivate the reading confirmation. For this you will have to do the following:

Step 1

Download the file manager application ” ES File Manager ” on your mobile device at the following link.

Download ES File Manager

Step 2

Once downloaded, make sure it is configured to show hidden files. To do so open the ES File Manager app, click on the three horizontal lines icon located in the upper right corner of the screen and a window will appear in which you need to press the “Settings” option

Now in the “General Settings” section click on “Screen Settings” and you will be taken to a new screen where you have to activate the “Show hidden files” option by marking the box on the right in blue.

Step 3

Once done, return to the main app screen and click on the folder icon next to the Home button.

It will appear on a new screen where you will see different folders. Find the WhatsApp folder and click on it.

Once inside the WhatsApp folder, click on “Media” to continue.

You will arrive on a new screen with new folders. Press “.Statuses” to access the WhatsApp statuses.

Here you can see the WhatsApp status published by your contacts. Click on the photos and videos to see them and save them.

This way you can view and save the WhatsApp status of your contacts without being seen.


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