How To Set Up Call Forwarding On An iPhone?


It is not complicated to set up call forwarding on your iOS device so that incoming phonecalls can be directed to another mobile device.

If you have plans to be at a location with terrible cell phone coverage, or if you are certain you will not be using your device for sometime, calls that would normally ring on your iPhone will now be forwarded to a different number.

It is very simple to do and so seamless to undo when you decide to start receiving calls on your phone again. But the process to get it done is dependent on the type of cell phone carrier you have.

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How Can I Forward Calls On An iPhone With AT&T, T-Mobile Or Other GSM Carriers?

AT&T and T-Mobile are the well known examples of a type of network technology referred to as GSM. MVNOs such as Cricket and Consumer Cellular use GSM too, since they have a partnership with the bigger carriers like AT&T’s network. Metro is T-Mobile’s MVNO as well. so it can also pass as a GSM carrier.

What you should know about GSM, however, is that it is possible to forward your iPhone’s number to a different device via the Settings application.

  1. Launch the Settings application.
  2. Click “Phone.”
  3. Click “Call Forwarding.”
  4. In “Call Forwarding,” enable it by swiping the button to the right.
  5. Click “Forward To” and type in the phone number that you intend to forward to.
  6. Click the arrow to return to the previous screen.

You can forward your incoming phonecalls to the number you included. When you are through with forwarding, go back to the Call Forwarding page and disable the feature.

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How Can I Forward Calls On An iPhone With Verizon, Sprint, And Other CDMA Carriers?

Carriers such as Sprint and Verizon use ancient CDMA technology for their network, and networks such as Boost Mobile and Jitterbug are CDMA-based MVNOs of the bigger carriers. If you own a device on a CDMA carrier, it is not possible to just enable forwarding in Settings the same way you can get it done with a GSM device. More so, it is not hard, you only have to dial a carrier-specific carrier code in the Phone application.

To activate call forwarding, you will have to know the right carrier code. If you are not sure, it can be found on the carrier’s website or by putting a call through to customer service. Having said that, the most rampant CDMA carriers Verizon, Sprint, and Boost Mobile use one code. For forwarding of your calls:

  1. Launch the Phone application and click the keypad button way down on your screen.
  2. Dial *72 and the ten-digit number you plan to forward to. For instance *720000000000
  3. Click “Dial.”

If you ever feel you should quit call forwarding, you have to type in a different carrier code, and this is dependent on the carrier too. Below are some common ones:

Sprint- *720
Verizon- *73
Boost Mobile- *720


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