How to share your Instagram stories only with close friends

Instagram Data
Instagram Data

The Instagram stories are from several months a real fashion. It’s a pretty fun way to share your day with followers, creating video content that captures the attention of those who follow the profile.

Despite having originated on another social network little known to us (Snapchat) this idea has found its definitive consecration on Instagram. In fact, on this social network, millions and millions of users use it every day. Furthermore, the platform has the advantage that Instagram stories can only be viewed within 24 hours. Deleting them after this period makes it possible not to permanently overload the platform’s servers.

Instagram stories only for close friends- here’s how

The stories of Instagram as well as many other social functions, however, involve some contraindications. If sharing with more intimate friends can be positive, for some people having to share with the whole list of contacts is a bit too intrusive. Exists

By tapping the hamburger icon in the top right corner, select the third item below, or the Close Friends option. Once selected, you can manually search for each individual contact to include. Moreover, Instagram will also suggest people you might want to add to the same list, depending on which ones have already been added.

If you wish to change the list of close friends, it is possible by tapping on the Close friends list at the top right of the story. Tap Edit the list of your close friends to make additions or removals. Directly from the profiles of the friends instead, a green button will be available called Add to add it to the list in question. When you add a friend to the list, the other person will not receive any special notification. However, he will be able to know what is part of the list as he will be able to view the posts you share inside with a green frame. Next to that friend you will then see a Remove button,  also in green. If you decide to delete that friend from the list, just press it.

How to make Instagram stories

To make a story on Instagram you need:

  • open the app and click on your profile image
  • therefore select the + symbol
  • this opens the smartphone camera and you can choose which sensor to use
  • at this point, you have to choose what kind of content to create

Once you’ve created the Instagram story, it’s time to activate sharing. It is therefore sufficient to touch the green circle at the bottom which recalls the list of closest friends. Note- if you don’t find the green circle, you probably have a dated Instagram version. Take a look at the updates to bring the app to the latest version.


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