How to Sharpen and Fix Blurry Photos

Blurry Picture
Blurry Picture

Do you have an old photo that you are very fond of but unfortunately it is a blurry photo? If you don’t know, there is a program that allows you to improve or correct the quality of blurred photos and that manages to focus on immortalized subjects.

If you find yourself having blurry photos and you don’t know how to fix them, then I recommend you take a look at the free Unshake program, because it will help you fix blurry photos in just a few steps.

Focusing on blurred photos is not easy, but Unshake, despite not being a professional software, is equally effective as it manages to correct and make badly taken photos visible.

To download the free version of Unshake, for Windows 7, 8,10, linked to this page and click on the I Agree link to download the zipped file. Once the download is complete, open the file and extract the Unshake folder on your computer’s Desktop.

As you may have noticed, Unshake does not need installation as there is a portable version. For this reason, it takes up little space. The only thing you need, since Unshake is a Java program, is the installation of the Java Runtime (JRE) which you can download directly from this site. If you already have Java installed on your PC make sure it is not Java 1.0 or Java 1.1. You need at least Java 2 which is roughly Java 1.2 or Java 1.3.

Once the Java installation is complete, you need to go to the Unshake folder and locate the launch.bat file to launch it.

In case nothing happens, add this line in the launch.bat file by right-clicking it in Edit with a text editor like Notepad :

if exist “C- \ Program Files (x86) \ Java \ jre1.8.0_131 \ bin \ javaw.exe” path “C- \ Program Files (x86) \ Java \ jre1.8.0_131 \ bin”

Unshake Java
Unshake Java

Save the launch.bat file and double-click on it to start Unshake.

How to use Unshake

Fixing blurry photos with Unshake is simple even if the interface isn’t as intuitive as it seems. You will have to tinker a bit to understand how to set the parameters and apply those filters that will solve the problem of image blur.

Unshake Interface
Unshake Interface

To start improving blurry photos you must first click on the Open button. Select the photo to edit on your computer, DVD, CD, or external devices and after opening it click on Deblur. Check the Select blurred item to decide the percentage of modification of the blurred image. You can apply or eliminate the blur effect using the program’s automatic settings or through the lever in the center by slightly graduating the type of effect you want.

To fix blurry pictures you choose Estimate Quality in the dropdown menu at the top, place the value of amplification at 10, the bar placed in the middle of the program, and then set the Time of Estimate to 2x.

By clicking on the ReDraw button you can view a preview of the processed image.

Blurry Photo
Blurry Photo

At the end click on Save to save the edited photo on your PC or external device in JPG format.

If you have difficulty using Unshake, inside its package you will find a complete guide in English that will help you to apply the software tricks to the best possible correction. The filenames are Instructions.html and Installation.html. If you have difficulty opening them, you can visit the official Unshake guide.


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