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How To Shop At Amazon Go?

Amazon Go is simply a pick-and-leave grocery store. No lines and checkouts are involved here. You just have to grab your items from the shelf and leave. Need help with what it is all about? We can give you all the information you want.

It is simple. Just make use of the Amazon Go application to check-in at the store, and smart sensors will monitor the items you take from the shelves or return before you go. After that, you can just exit the store, and your Amazon account will be charged for the things you bought. Users will also have access to the receipt in the app to confirm if the figures are right.

To shop at an Amazon Go store, you might need to travel, except if you stay in one of the cities that has one. Presently, Amazon Go has twenty-one stores in 4 locations. As of now, there are stores in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and Seattle. See How To Shop At Amazon Go?:

How Can I Shop At Amazon Go?

  • Get the Amazon Go application downloaded on your iPhone or Android device, and get yourself signed in to your Amazon account.
  • If you wish to locate the closest Amazon Go store, head to “Stores” in the app to choose a store.

Shop At Amazon Go

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  • You can click “Discover” to view what every store has in stock.
  • Shop At Amazon Go
  • When you are close to your selected Amazon Go location, click “Key” in the app to receive your customized Amazon Go barcode. Scan it at the gate when you enter.
  • Stroll around the store and take anything you like from the shelves. If you do not fancy anything, simply return them. The store’s smart sensors will keep a record of what you took and put back.
  • When you are done shopping, just exit the store. Your Amazon account will get charged for whatever you bought.
  • To confirm your receipt to make sure everything is in order, click “Receipts” way down on the screen.
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Shop At Amazon Go

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Meanwhile, do you need help with How To Watch Amazon Prime On Your iPhone? See the details below:

How To Watch Amazon Prime On Your iPhone?

  • If you are yet to download the Amazon Prime Video app for iOS, access the App Store from your phone’s home screen.
  • In the App Store, search for “Amazon Prime Video” by clicking “Search” in the bottom-right of the menu and entering your words into the search box way up on the screen.
  • Get Amazon Prime downloaded by clicking “GET.”
  • When that is done, launch Amazon Prime from your iPhone’s home screen.
  • Get yourself signed in using your Amazon Prime credentials or register for an Amazon account.
  • Immediately you are signed in, browse through the available TV series, and movies by making use of the menu at the top or by searching for a clip in the search bar (the icon looing like a magnifying glass).
  • When you find the TV series or movie you are searching for, choose “Play.”
  • The video player will pop-up and start playing.
  • To access the video player’s options, click the center of your screen. Options for Play and Pause, Rewind and Fast Forward, AirPlay the clip to available devices, fullscreen would be visible.

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