How to Show/Hide Number Row on Samsung Keyboard

When you’re trying to type, the fact that there’s a half-second delay and you have to switch between keyboards to get to the numbers and letters you need can be really frustrating. This tutorial is for you if you use a password that contains letters, symbols, and numbers or if you need to write a lot of numbers and utilize symbols in combination with each other. There is a function buried inside the Samsung Keyboard that permits a distinct row for symbols and numbers to be displayed alongside the alphabet on the same screen. Because of this, entering your email password or Wi-Fi password will be a much more pleasant experience. The procedure is as follows:

How to show Hidden Row of Numbers on Samsung Keyboard

number row on samsung keyboard
Number Row On Samsung Keyboard

Locate your settings and preferences

Launching the Samsung Keyboard settings from your device’s General Management setting will allow you to view the settings for your Samsung Keyboard. On the other hand, in order to access the keyboard’s settings when using Android, you will need to perform the following. To access the Samsung Keyboard, navigate to Settings > General Management > Keyboard Settings.

Set up the layout

Once you figure out how to get into Samsung Keyboard’s settings, it’s time to change the layout. Go to Style & layouts > Layout. Tap the Number button once you’re inside to turn on or off. You can also choose which language to use.

Enable the new layout

After you tap “Add,” a pop-up window will appear, and you’ll need to tap “Enable.” To make sure your new custom keyboard layout is turned on, go to Settings > General Management > Samsung Keyboard Settings > Input languages and turn off “Use system language” and turn on “English (US) (PC).

Now, let’s start using your new custom keyboard made to look like a PC. You can see that the keyboard has changed and now looks a lot like the one on your computer. Now it’s easy to type those numbers. You can get to the symbols by long-pressing the number that goes with them, but you can also see them when the phone is in tablet mode.

If the new PC keyboard layout isn’t what you wanted or doesn’t work for you, you can easily get rid of it and go back to the old layout. This is how.

How to remove the custom layout

All you have to do is go back to “Custom input styles” (Settings > General Management > Samsung Keyboard Settings > to Style & layouts > Custom input styles), choose the custom layout you want to delete, and then tap “Remove.”