How to Snap Good Pictures with Polaroid Now+ Camera, & Pair with App

We used to love Polaroid cameras. That was back then in the 70s, 80s, and even 90s. What about today? We have multiple reasons to love Polaroid Now+, the classic Polaroid camera that takes photography to a whole new level in 2021.

Polaroid is the company that since the 90s revamped itself, and now in 2021 offers new and exciting possibilities. With the new dispensation, the camera is the brand’s most high-tech option when it comes to analog cameras.

What is Polaroid Now+?

This the latest i-Type instant camera that the manufacturer boasts is the most creative analog camera until now. The user finds more creative tools in it than in previous editions. Imagine if you get five new lens filters, you’re able to unlock two extra tools, that is the aperture priority and tripod mode from the Polaroid mobile app.

The Now+ Design & Features

You may feel like the camera itself is bulky at first when start using it. As you continue to use it, you will not feel bothered by any inconvenience or you will not get any discomfort. The camera comes in three colors of white, black, and blue. The design still makes you remember the old-school analog camera of those days.

Once you snap a picture, wait for it to come out from the film tray. You will notice a black plastic sheet meant to protect the picture from getting damaged. The film will take about 15 minutes to be ready.

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Why do People Love Polaroids?

Many people after using the analog camera testify that their love for the camera is instant like the pictures taken – instantly tangible and gratifying pictures. If done well, the pictures will come out with an ethereal look that’s unique to Polaroid. People are too much in a hurry to get whatever they want, and the Polaroid Now+ overs an amazing to instantly get your pictures, not only in the digital format but also in hardcopy format.

This is the type of camera you would love to take with you anywhere you go. It is contagious because you will soon like to be inseparable from your camera after you bought it when you see the quality of pictures taken by it. Users often take it anywhere with them: beaches, parties, camping trips, and more places.

Capturing pictures with your smartphone is a beautiful thing but when you’re able to snap high-quality images and get them instantly, there’s a romantic thought to it.

Create Fun with the Polaroid Mobile App

People often ask, does Polaroid have an app? Oh yes, it does. Naturally designed and easy to use, the app comes in various steps that allow the Polaroid user to explore analog instant photography wherever he or she is. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a casual snapper or a professional expert in the industry, this app helps to make your job come out in high quality and with ease.

5 Steps to Connect your Polaroid to the App

Step 1

Download the Polaroid app from the Apple Store or from Google Play Store.

Step 2

Turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone. If you’re using Android, ensure your GPS Location Service is turned on as well.

Step 3

Turn on Bluetooth on the camera. Make sure your camera is charged full or almost. You will see a blue light when the Bluetooth is enabled.

Step 4

Open the Polaroid app on the smartphone, and just wait for the camera to pair automatically with the smartphone.

Step 5

The camera is now connected and you can now make use of the camera for creative purposes.

If you have any challenges pairing the app, you may need to explore the following: turn the camera on and off several times, check whether the camera is charged, ensure your phone’s Bluetooth is on, and try to uninstall and reinstall the Polaroid app.

Also, remember that you can’t connect your Polaroid Now+ camera directly with your phone through a cord or through wireless internet. The only way there can be a connection is by pairing your camera to the app on the smartphone via Bluetooth.

What the Polaroid App Help you to Achieve

With this app, you’re able to unlock new and creative tools such as portrait mode, double exposure, self-time, aperture priority, tripod mode, light painting, manual mode, noise trigger, and more.

You can try to embed a video or another image into your Polaroid picture by using the AR features! Test and see how good it looks. The app can also ensure you can and share your pictures.

You can see that once you pair your Polaroid Now+ camera with the Polaroid app, you’re free to explore additional loads of creativity. That’s the part that actually shows that your new camera is a fun and high-tech film device that’s well worth the cash.

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Polaroid Now+ Price

The camera sells for $149.99 on the manufacturer’s website. That price is justified because the camera is able to make use of the app to improve its features. Left to the camera alone, that price is too high. Don’t forget that with your new camera comes such things as a micro USB charging cable, a lens filter kit, and of course, there’s the downside of having to purchase the Polaroid i-Type Color Film separately. If you don’t mind doing that, you don’t mind doing that, then you can avail yourself of the many good features that are there for the user once the camera if paired to the phone.

Why the Polaroid Now+ is Unique

It sets itself apart by introducing two new features that are alien to the rest of the Polaroid lineup. These features are the aperture priority and the tripod mode. Other cameras like it lack the type of smartphone-based controls it has. Many of the cameras like it lack app control or features like double exposure or light painting. If the Now+ is at top of the price range for analog cameras, it is justified in that it has the most control and competence.

Get the Perfect Shot with Polaroid Now+

To get a good start in this area, you may need to use the standard and portrait modes to which works best for you. The pictures may not be as clear as they would on a digital camera but they can appear clear and focused if you take the time to do the job well.

A better way to find out how best to get the perfect shot is through trial and error. As you use the Now+ camera often, you will notice that it gives you color aesthetics that tend to be cooler toned and higher in contrast. Always endeavor to use flash when shooting at night.