How To Start Mini Importation Business In Nigeria

The very first step to launching a mini-importation business is to know all you should about it. Too many people feel mini-importation is just a business you wake up one day to start, but that is not the case.

Having the wrong business mentality is the reason a lot of people lose their hard-earned cash from time to time. The truth is that all businesses require commitment and hard-work to thrive, and a mini-importation business is not excluded. If you wish to invest in the mini-importation business, but you have no clue about how to make it happen, see How To Start Mini Importation Business In Nigeria:

start importation business nigeria

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What Is Mini Importation Business?

It is simply a kind of business where an individual buys products from abroad at a cheap price and then resells at a higher price for profit. This business is mostly done online. Right now, a lot of people prefer to deal with Chinese companies since they are known for having varieties of products that can be bought at a very low price.

Too many people feel the mini-importation business is a small scale business. However, it is possible to import a huge number of products too, it all depends on your capital. In fact, a mini-importation business is for people who have both low and high capital to invest with. So you can go as low as 20K and as high as 10M when you want to start.

What You Need To Begin Your Mini Importation Business?

  1. A PC or a smartphone.
  2. Dependable internet connection. It could be a modem, Wi-Fi, Mifi, and so on.
  3. An address where you will take delivery of your products.
  4. A working email address.
  5. Start-up capital.

Just get everything listed above and you are fine. The amazing thing is, with your smartphone, you can easily place an order from the site, make payment, enter an address and await delivery. It is not complicated at all.

Why You Should Consider A Mini-Importation Business?

  1. It could be the perfect side hustle for you while you do your regular 9-5.
  2. If you select the right product and target the right market, your one year salary can be realized with one successful import.
  3. If you are a good negotiator, you can get more affordable products than your competitors. Keep bargaining prices with the suppliers from time to time, and you will see your profit improve as the years roll by.

Step By Step Guide To Starting A Mini Importation Business?

1. Register Your Business:

This can happen via the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).

2. Find A Cheap And Reliable Import Portal:

Before selecting a site, research about the site and check the reviews, feedback score, and rating of the website. For example, Alibaba is well known because it is a marketplace for manufacturers and wholesalers, but they have a minimum order quantity (MOQ).

3. Source For Products:

After choosing your supplier site, you have to search it for the products of your choice. There are various goods that can be imported, therefore you have to decide on the specific product according to your target market.

start importation business nigeria

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Things To Consider Before Choosing Products To Import?

1. Choose Your Market And Know Their Local Needs:

Which nation do you wish to do business in? What products are selling quickly there? These questions have to be answered before you choose a market. Various nations will have different needs, and a product that sells in one country might not sell in another country.

2. Be Familiar With The Local Norms:

If there are goods that are tagged illegal in your local market, you need to know about them. Also, some products might come with quantity restrictions or a particular tax implication that must be covered to wrap up the import process. When you know these things beforehand, you’ll be saving yourself a lot of stress.

3. Check Reviews On Each Product:

Before you order a product, swipe down to the end of the product you want to ship, and ensure the reviews of customers are read attentively. You should also confirm the delivery methods and the seller’s guarantee on the product.

That is that.