How To Stop A Download On Your Android Phone?


If you have ever been disturbed because you started downloading an application or file on your Android, but instantly realized that it was not what you intended to do, do not bother your pretty head, you can easily stop or cancel a download in several cases.

Even if the download could not be stopped as soon as you wanted, it can be deleted rapidly.

Also, if nothing works out, you can simply reset your phone.

You will even be able to restrict application and file downloads from particular apps such as Chrome.

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How Can I Stop An App Download From The Google Play Store?

There are several apps in the Play Store that intentionally try to appear like the legit ones. Search for a Google application, and several fake ones will also appear. If you mistakenly click “Install” on any of these copycats, you will be able to stop the download instantly by clicking the “X” close to the progress bar.

The Amazon AppStore has an identical option, but the progress bar and “X” are smaller in size, therefore you will need to try a few times to get rid of the download.

How Can I Stop A Download From An Application?

When you begin to download anything from an application like a mobile browser or messaging app, there is no direct way to have the download paused or stopped. If necessary, you can disable Wi-Fi or put your device in airplane mode or even switch off your phone. You can download a 3rd-party file manager, which has more decent options to stop a download.

How Can I Prevent A Download From Applications?

If most times, you see yourself downloading applications mistakenly on your Android, restricting downloads for some or all of your apps is possible. For instance, anyone can access a random app store within a mobile browser like Chrome, and that is not safe.

  1.  Open “Settings.”
  2. Head to Apps & notifications > Advanced > Special app access > Install unknown apps.
  3. By default, this option is deactivated for every application. Get the list of your apps scanned to ensure “Not allowed.” is visible alongside all of them.
  4. For the prevention of file downloads, head to Settings > Apps & notifications, and click on the app name in the list.
  5. Then click Permissions and make sure “Storage” is toggled off.

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How Can I Delete Apps And Downloads?

Lastly, if you mistakenly download an application or file that you do not want, you can seamlessly get rid of it.

To get rid of downloaded apps:

Head to Settings > Apps & notifications, and locate the app in the list. Click on the app name and then click “Uninstall.”

To get rid of downloaded files:

  1. Head to Settings > Storage > Free up space.
  2.  Click Downloads, and a list of files will be visible. all of which are chosen. Ensure any file you wish to save is ticked.
  3. Then click Free up X MB. (Your device will reveal the amount of storage you will be able to reclaim.)
  4. Click Free up space on the pop-up window.

Reset Your Device

At times, a download can hinder the performance of your mobile device. I mean, it can make it sluggish or even tamper with its functioning. When this is the issue, the best fix is to reset your device to factory settings.


  1. Resetting your phone in order to stop a download? Are you serious? Give your head a shake! That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. Just because you can use a smart phone doesn’t make you a troubleshooting expert. This is what happens when you let Instagram ravage what mind you have left. And please stop writing such garbage.


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