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How To Subscribe MTN Night Browsing N25 For 500MB

In this article, we will be looking at how to subscribe to the mtn night browsing that cost just N25. And you will be giving 500MB to be used within a certain time during the Night/Morning.

To get an unlimited data subscription at any price from the numerous telecommunication service providers we have in Nigeria have been somewhat impossible. Although, some have tried creating an unlimited data plan but it all came with a twist and or ended up being discontinued.

Mtn night browsing

Like 9mobile, formerly Etisalat who, sometime in 2014 brought out an unlimited timed plan. This plan would let you download for as long as you want but there is a catch. For every 5 mins you browse the internet or download from the internet, N15 is being deducted from your account. That meant for each 30 minutes you browsed or downloaded, N90 would be deducted. That would continue until it is stopped by the user.

Thanks to Etisalat’s speed back then, people where able to download huge Gigabytes of data within a short period of time. Making the data plan the best and one of it kind. So it came as a shock when Etisalat finally discontinued the plan without giving a reason as to why the plan was discontinued.

This was as closed as we got to experiencing real unlimited data from these telecommunication service providers. Some others have also at some point tried creating an unlimited data plan with a twist of some sort. But they all have discontinued the unlimited plans. Leaving the real unlimited plans to the numerous ISPN we have right now. Like Swift, Spectranet, Smile and the rest.

Nevertheless, the unlimited data offered by these ISPN seem to be a good alternative. But the cost of getting any of their respective Routers, Wi-Fi or Mi-Fi device sends you back to looking for other cheaper subscription on those telecommunication service providers.

Which brings us back to the mtn night browsing which is not unlimited quite all right but this is as close it gets and it costs just N25, and for that, you will be allocated 500MB to be used from 12am till 4am. Remember that you can only do this once a night per sim.

This data subscription is particularly good for those heavy users who do not want to spend too much on data. This is by far the cheapest data bundle you can get on the mtn network and probably among other telecommunication service providers.

How To Subscribe Mtn Night Browsing N25 for 500MB

⚫ This data bundle only works for those in MTN Pulse. If you are already on Mtn Pulse then move on to the next step. If not, Text 406 to 131 or dial * 406*1#

⚫ Now that you are in MTN Pulse, Send Night to 131. Wait for the confirmation message to arrive.

That’s it. You now have your 500MB to be used from 12am to 4am.

Note: You should wait until some minutes after 12am to subscribe to this plan and use it as it will expire if you do not finish it before 4am. Also, if you do this plan during the day, it can also be used during the next night. If you do not use it during the next night, the data bundle will expire. So make sure you use it.


Waking up at night to download does not sound fun but this is by far the cheapest data bundle out there and if it means sacrificing some hours of my sleep for it. Then i gladly will.

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