How To successfully Delete Your Instagram Account?


Are you aware that Instagram is owned by Facebook, and that it was bought in the year 2012 with cool billions of dollars?. This is a platform where you can advertise your business, firms, showcase your fabulous pictures and receive much like from friends, just like facebook. The truth is that seventy (70) percent of celebrities in the world prefer Instagram to any other social media platforms.

Just like they always say “another man food is another man poison,” irrespective of the fact that Instagram is loved by many, there are still thousands of people that dislike Instagram, reason best know to them. Some said that Instagram consumes a lot of megabyte than any other social media platform, others say that Instagram occupies much space on their phone, so they have to delete it, one man was saying that he finds it hard to chart or comment on ones picture on Instagram, so there is no point keeping that application on his phone . To others, Instagram is too open, and they don’t just like it. In that case, they want to delete their Instagram account.

However, some people hate facebook with so much passion and vowed not to have anything to do with Facebook or any other facebook owned service including Instagram, maybe they were duped from facebook. So because of that, they hated all social media platforms. Deleting your Instagram account is very simple, as simple as ABCD but if you want to delete your account consider downloading all your images first. Downloading those image will make you retain all your images on Instagram which you might have lost, but if you delete the Instagram account without storing those pictures, both the pictures and the Instagram will be wiped out.

Are you among those that want to delete their Instagram account but finds it difficult to delete it? Read carefully, in this article we will elucidate more on how you can successfully delete your Instagram account.

Note– Once you successfully deleted your Instagram account, have in mind that you can not reopen another Instagram account again under the same name. So have that in mind, no one is stopping you from deleting your account, only if you want to change a name.

How To Delete Instagram Account?

Step 1: visit the Instagram account deletion page and sign into your account

Step 2- Once you logged in, select a reason you want to delete your account using the drop-down tool

Step 3: enter your password to confirm you want to delete your account and then click on “permanently delete my account.” Without much stress, your Instagram account will be successfully deleted with immediate effect.


In this article we have elucidated more on the concept “ how to successfully delete your Instagram account” following those tips outlined above will help you do that but I will urge you, before you delete your Instagram account be rest assured that you have good reasons for deleting it before you do something you might finally regret.


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