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How to Track J&T Packages Easily

How to Track J&T Packages – If you are a connoisseur of online shopping, you are definitely familiar with various delivery couriers. There are various types of courier mainstay of many people today. Call it J&T, JNE, SiCepat, AnterAja, and so on.

These various goods delivery services are equipped with safe and reliable systems. So for those of you who are new users of online shopping services, you don’t have to worry anymore. Because your goods will be guaranteed to arrive safely and safely at their destination, as long as the location point you provide is also appropriate.

However, to reduce your level of concern, delivery services like this generally have provided a system that you can use to monitor or track the location and status of shipments. J&T as one of the most popular delivery services has also implemented such a system. Here are some ways to track J&T packages only through HP.

Detailed Review How to Track J&T Packages

J&t Express
J&t Express

Although usually, the existing freight forwarders have their respective estimated arrival times, often the actual time is a bit deviated from the estimate. This is quite reasonable because all expedition trips do not always run smoothly.

Generally, there are several obstacles during the journey that the courier must face, so that the goods may arrive late. But don’t worry, because you can track or check the delivery status of your goods in real-time only through your smartphone.

The tracking results will generally also be quite complete, starting from the location of the last where your goods were when checked, at what time your goods arrived from one location to another, until when your package was received.

J&T as one of the mainstay expeditions of several people currently also has such a system. In addition, how to track J&T packages is also very easy and can be done in various ways. Generally, every time you shop online or when you want to use their services specifically, the expedition you use will provide an Air Way Bill (AWB) or better known as a receipt number. This receipt number will later be used to check or track the movement of your package. There are several alternatives that you can use to track your package from the J&T expedition, so there is no need to guess where your package is. Here are some ways to easily track J&T packages using only your cellphone.

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Via the J&T App

J&t App
J&t App

As previously mentioned, almost all freight forwarders that exist today not only provide freight forwarding services but also have goods tracking services that you can use. Especially if the expedition used is J&T, then you can use the J&T application to do tracking. The application can be accessed by users of Android and iOS devices. As for how to track J&T packages through the J&T application itself, namely:

  1. Download and install the J&T Express application which can be obtained easily on the Google Play Store and App Store.
  2. Open the application once installed on the phone, then on the main Home menu, press the Tracking option.
  3. After entering the Tracking menu, you will be asked to enter the receipt number for the package identity. In addition to entering the package number, you can also use the barcode scanning method for your package.
  4. If the receipt number matches, it will be displayed on the application tracking results or tracking the goods.
  5. That way, you will be able to know for sure the position and status of your package.

Via J&T Official Website

Apart from using the application, for those of you who find it quite difficult and too complicated to use the application, this expedition also provides a tracking feature similar to that of the official website. As for how to track J&T packages through the official J&T website page itself, namely:

  1. First of all, please visit the official J&T Express website at the following link
  2. If you have entered the website, you will immediately be provided with a special column for tracking packages.
  3. Enter your package receipt number in the column provided.
  4. Furthermore, if your package has been successfully identified, the tracking results will be displayed by the system on the website page.
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Through the website

If previously the way to track J&T packages was through the official website, you can also do tracking through other sites. This site can generally be an okay alternative if at any time the application and the official website from J&T itself experience problems. Even on this website, not only J&T packages can be tracked, but also applies to those who want to track packages using other expedition services. The site under discussion is called Here are the steps to check the package through the site.

  1. Visit the website at this link
  2. In the column provided on the website page, please enter the receipt number. At the bottom of the receipt number column there will be several types of shipping expedition options.
  3. Please choose the J&T Express expedition
  4. Then if successful, the system will display the complete tracking results at the bottom.

Through the Online Shopping Application

In addition to applications and websites specifically for tracking goods, you can also track your online package by accessing the online shopping application that you used to buy the package. As for how:

  1. Open your online shopping application, then enter the notification menu. This menu is a menu that can generally be accessed to monitor the status of our purchases.
  2. After that, click on the purchased package which is already in delivery status.
  3. In the menu, press the Track button, then the tracking results will automatically appear for your package.

Tracking J&T Packages without a Receipt Number

In certain conditions, maybe you will occasionally experience some obstacles in the process of tracking goods. Moreover, if the expedition that is delivering the goods is also experiencing obstacles and the final package must arrive beyond the estimated estimate, then the situation may be more worrying.

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Some of the conditions that can prevent you from tracking goods or expedition packages are because the receipt number you get is lost or you forget where to access and get the receipt number. This will only make it more difficult for you.

Therefore, some may need a parcel tracking service without having to use a tracking number. However, until now there has been no specific expedition through the application and website service features that offer this solution.

Checking the position of the package really requires the receipt number of the related package so that the tracking system is able to identify your package. Because without a receipt number, then of course you will also have difficulty defining the package you mean from all packages that are in the expedition process at that time.

Therefore, the only way to track J&T packages that you can do if you don’t have a definite receipt number is to visit the branch or main agent of the shipping company around you. In addition to the nearest branch, you can also directly ask for help from J&T Customer Service itself via telephone service at (021) 8066 1888 to find out the state of your J&T package.

What is the J&T official website address?

J&T’s official website address is

How can I contact the J&T Call Center?

You can contact the telephone line at 021-8066-1888 or via WhatsApp at Number: 628118466188

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