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How To Track Your Western Union Transfer?

Western Union is a budgetary administration organization that represents considerable authority in the exchange of money starting with one currency to the other. For several years, the US organization has proven itself to be a dependable monetary specialist provider.

Western Union has been around the world known association for more than 150 years and it is present in over 200 countries. The company is known for its massive measure of specialized areas for customers to send and receive money reliably and quickly. If you did not know, several banks have an alternative of installment through Western Union. See How To Track Your Western Union Transfer?

How Can I Track Western Union Money Transfer With MTCN?

It is possible to track the cash you sent with the Western Union site. Head to https://www.westernunion.com and access the “Track Transfer” page. On this page, you can wrap up the accompanying activities.

Western Union Transfer

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The first step will be to type in your Western Union tracking number known as your MTCN number. It will be seen on the receipt that you received from the operator area agent after your exchange. This is why it is always important to keep your receipts after cash activities.

Or, if your collector wants to track Western Union exchange, you can give him or her the Western Union tracking number (MTCN). At that point, the 2nd step can be completed, which is choosing a country. You will see a drop-down with the rundown of nations where Western Union is operating. Choose the nation where you made payment to.

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After that, type in the amount of money you sent. You have to enter the number and afterward, choose the cash from a drop-down adjacent. That is that. You just need to see where your money is now.

How Can I Track Western Union Money Transfer Without MTCN?

To monitor your Western Union Money without your MTC number, adhere to these instructions:

  1. As soon as you reach “Track a Transfer,” just choose “Don’t know the MTCN.” A different “Track a Transfer” would be seen where you can choose from 2 options:

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Tracking with a name:

  • Sender’s first name
  • Sender’s last name
  • Recipient’s first name
  • Recipient’s last name
  • Recipient’s country
  • Amount sent/received.

Tracking with a phone number

  • Sender`s phone number;
  • Receiver’s country;
  • Amount sent/received.

Immediately after providing the correct info, the details of your transactions or payment will be visible on your screen.

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