How to transfer files from Android phone to PC

transfer files from Android phone to PC
transfer files from Android phone to PC

How to transfer files from Android to PC via WiFi: Don’t like using cables to transfer files from your PC to your smartphone ? Check out these tips that will make you forget about using the data cable to transfer files. With these apps you can transfer files from Android phone to PC using only Wi-Fi or even mobile data.


Xender is undoubtedly one of the best applications for transferring files between PCs and smartphones easily and without complications. It has versions for both Android and iOS. Remember that when you choose to connect using mobile data, you can only transfer files up to 2 GB. However, via Wi-Fi, there are no size limits.

Download and install the Xender application (link above);

With the app open, tap the profile image in the upper left corner and select the “Connect to PC” option;

Open the browser on your PC and type- and a barcode will be displayed. Return to the smartphone and touch the word “scan” that appears on the screen and point the camera from the mobile phone to the barcode in the browser;

Now transfer what you want, between PC and smartphone, using the page you have accessed in the browser.


Another very simple and beautiful application when it comes to transferring files between PCs and Android or iOS smartphones. The application must be installed both on the smartphone and on the computer. A good thing about SHAREit is that it has no file size limits when using Wi-Fi.

Download and install the app directly from the Google Play Store (or for iOS if you have an iPhone), but don’t open it yet;

Also download the application version for Windows or OSX via this address and install it. The application will wait for a connection to the smartphone;

At this point, open the application on your smartphone and tap the options menu in the upper right corner of the screen, selecting the “Connect to PC” option;

The smartphone will locate the computer and simply touch the computer icon to establish the connection. Use the application installed on your computer to transfer between smartphone and PC.


WebSharing is the most efficient application and also the easiest to use among the three applications reviewed so far. It has two negative things, the first is that it asks every connection for a first configured password, the second one that doesn’t have an iOS version yet. For the rest it remains an excellent application to transfer files from Android to PC via WiFi.

Download the Websharing app on the Google Play Store (link above);

Once installed, it will display an IP address (for example https://192.168.XXX) and a password consisting of a 5-character code;

On the PC, open a browser tab and copy the same IP address to the top bar. In the window that appears, enter the password that appears on your smartphone;

Click on “Continue”;

At this point, a window will open with different folders. These are the same folders found in the device’s internal memory.

Did you already know these apps? Do you know another way to save your data on the PC via Wi-Fi?


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