How To Transform Your PC Into A TV


If you plan to save money, the most terrible situation to be in is having to settle bills for cable TV and Internet bundles. But what if I told you right now that you no longer have to come up with a choice between the World Wide Web and your favorite TV shows? With just a few devices here and there, you can transform an old computer into a new television. This move will save you money and reduce the number of electronics within your reach. Enjoy the steps I have put together on how to turn your PC into a TV:

You need an old computer with a minimum of 10 GB of free hard-drive space and a rapid processor plus a TV tuner or USB-based tuner box.

1. Get The TV Signal Installed

Physically install your hardware to ensure your computer screen has a TV signal. A few devices can make this work. The one you decide to go for depends on how much you are willing to spend and the quality of your Computer. Select between a TV tuner card (with or without a graphics card, depending on your computer’s capabilities) and an external TV tuner box. Ensure a professional installs the TV tuner card. It provides you with a smooth connection to TV channels. The external TV tuner box can simply be installed by connecting it to your computer’s USB port, but the connection is less-rapid, giving you a lower resolution picture quality.

2. Get the TV Tuner Software Installed

You can go ahead to install the software that comes with your tuner onto your PC. The software will let you control the channels and volume via remote control. It can even allow you to record live TV shows onto your PC’s hard drive. Insert the disc that comes with your hardware and follows the instructions carefully to get the software installed properly.

3. Channel Search

You’re now set to surf TV channels on your computer screen. You’ll PC is now equipped with legal access to TV programmes that cannot be streamed on the Internet.


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