How to turn Android into iOS (iPhone) – App and Advice

Android has its own graphics customization but many like the one that has iOS and tries to emulate it as much as possible. Here's how to make an Android device the same as a graphical level like iOS

Android Launcher iPhone
Android Launcher iPhone

Guide on how to turn Android into iOS (iPhone) – App and Advice

Although Android makes great strides in refining the graphics to make it more attractive and appealing, Apple with its iOS remains an important reference point in terms of design. Here are many fans of the green robot try to emulate at least graphically iOS in all respects and I must tell you that using the right applications and configurations made ad hoc, we can get an almost perfect copy of iOS on our Android smartphone.

Today we see how to turn Android into iOS in all its parts, from home to the notifications section and also to the lock screen and the iPhone X gesture.

Turn Android into iOS – Best Apps and configurations

In this article we will see how to turn Android into OS:

  • iOS launcher
  • iOS notification bar on Android
  • iOS Control Center on Android
  • LockScreen of iOS on Android
  • iPhone X gestures on Android

Applications Needed to turn Android into iOS

Turn Android into iOS – Help and configurations

Turn Android into iOS – Evie Launcher

Let’s start from the Launcher, which will be the first to be installed, Evie, which in our opinion is the one that is very close to the iOS Style , which already in the Free version allows you to set a 6 × 4 grid , transparency  of the dock and red badges for notification on the app. The only bad thing about this launcher is that it is not possible to remove the Google search bar.

Evie Launcher settings:

  • Home screen set columns 4, row 6 and icon size 80.
  • Home screen  Enable labels
  • Home screen  Disable background scrolling
  • Home screen  Disable desktop lock
  • Dock Enable the Dock with full opacity and disable the labels
  • Icons Install Cleandroid UI Icon Pack and set it in options.
  • Icons  Normalize icons
  • Folders  set the size to 90
  • Notifications  Below Indicator Notifications let’s set up Counter in Site and in the style of the indicator we set the Size to 80.
  • Notifications We  enable notifications for all applications
  • App We activate frequently used apps

Download APK Evie from the Play Store (Launcher) 
Download APK Cleandroid UI from the Play Store (Icon Pack)

Turn Android into iOS – Notifications

To customize the notification curtains we used iNoty which completely replaces the iOS style notification bar. Also iNoty also allows you to enable the Control Center to iOS 12 from where you can control all the most important options like brightness, audio, music player control and more.

Download APK iNoty 12 from the Play Store

Turn Android into iOS – Control Center

We can also install the Control Center of iOS on Android individually and the best application is called precisely Control Center that will allow you to activate the total control of iOS style settings on Android where with a simple panel we will have access:

  • Brightness management
  • Screen timeout
  • Customize it and move it where you want best

Download APK Control Center iOS 11 from the Play Store

Turn Android into iOS – Lock screen

iLocker X is undoubtedly the queen application that replaces the lock screen of Android by setting is identical to that of iOS. We will have the notifications with the usual floating bubble, unlock the device with fingerprints, swipe classic, activate shortcuts with a swipe Very good alternative is Flotify that replaces the lock screen of Android with a full iOS style.

Turn Android into iOS – Gesture

The gesture introduced by Apple on the iPhone X certainly mark a cut with the past, goodbye keys and only gesture made with the finger to recall the same operations done with the physical buttons.

With the Swipe Home Button app for Android in practice, we will have all the iOS gesture of the button as the Swipe up to return to the home and several other gestures that we find on iOS to open recent apps, open the notification curtain and many others.

The beauty of this application that is free and has no advertising, does not have the annoying bar always visible and is customizable. In short, it’s perfect.

Download APK Swipe Home Button from the Play Store


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