How To Unlock A Samsung Galaxy S10 From Its Present Carrier

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One annoying thing about being a phone owner is that your device could be locked into a specific carrier.

If you purchase an AT&T Samsung Galaxy Device, it will only function with AT&T, for instance.

Thankfully, since 4 years ago, this is no longer the case. After the law passed in 2015, you can now unlock your smartphone and use it with any carrier even it comes with a big warning – The mobile device has to be totally paid for before your carrier can unlock it.

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Make Sure Your Samsung Galaxy S10 Has To Be Unlocked

Before you try to unlock your Galaxy device, you have to be certain that it is really locked to a particular carrier. This will help you to not waste your precious time and hard-earned cash.

Several Samsung Galaxy S10 devices are locked to a particular carrier but there are a few exceptions:

Your smartphone can be tested to confirm if it is locked by taking out the SIM card and having it replaced with one from a different carrier. (Cautiously insert the SIM card tray key in the slot till the tray pops out, then change the SIM card and replace the tray.) If the device functions like it should and does not ask for an unlock code, it is unlocked already.

How Can I Get An Unlock Code For My Samsung Galaxy S10?

To unlock your device, an unlock code is necessary, which has to be typed into your Samsung device after you insert the SIM card from another carrier.

Reach out to your carrier to ask for an unlock code. You will only receive a code if the smartphone is totally paid off. If there are outstanding payments, the carrier will reject your request to unlock the smartphone.

To receive an unlock code from your carrier, you might have to find your device’s IMEI number.

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How Can I Unlock My Samsung Galaxy S10?

  1. Launch “Settings.”
  2. Swipe to the bottom and click “About phone.”
  3. In “About phone,” locate the IMEI number, which will be visible alongside the device’s model number and serial number. Ensure the number is copied carefully, or click and hold your finger on the number for various seconds to have it copied to your clipboard.
  4. Your IMEI code can also be known by dialing and calling *#06#. When this is done, your smartphone will not really call anyone. Rather, it will show you your code.
  5. Receive your unlock code from the carrier. You might have to provide your IMEI number.
  6. Power off your Samsung Galaxy S10 by holding the Power button till your shutdown options are visible, then click “Power off.”
  7. Take out the SIM card from your device by inserting the SIM card tray key in the slot properly but cautiously till the tray pops out. The key will be seen in your Samsung Galaxy S10’s original box.
  8. Have the SIM card replaced with one from the new carrier and slide it back into the smartphone.
  9. Power on the mobile device.
  10.  After the phone powers on and detects the new SIM card, you will be asked to “Enter your network unlock code.” Type in the unlock code and click “Unlock.”

You are done. You will be unlocked from your carrier as soon as possible.


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