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How to unlock OnePlus 6 bootloader

OnePlus has always been one of the few, if not the only company, to allow its users to “moddare” their smartphone without losing the warranty. Precisely for this reason today, we will show you how to unlock the bootloader of OnePlus 6, the new jewel created by the Chinese company.

This is a simple operation, but that will irretrievably delete all the data on the smartphone. For this reason, we invite you to make a backup of your Android smartphone or unblock the bootloader on OnePlus 6 as soon as it comes into your hands.

In the meantime, we point out that on XDA, the well-known portal dedicated to modding, the forum dedicated to OnePlus 6 is already active. If you are wondering what the bootloader is and you have not received satisfactory answers up to now, you will have to deepen the topic.

OnePlus bootloader unlocking 6

Compared to other companies, which use methods all of them, unlocking the OnePlus 6 bootloader does not require any code. All you will need are some commands to type through fastboot and a PC at your disposal.

Do not worry, however, if you are not familiar with this world and still want to unlock the OnePlus 6 bootloader, we will take care to guide you step by step in this procedure.

Install the ADB and Fastboot drivers

The first step in unblocking the OnePlus 6 bootloader is to install the ADB and Fastboot drivers on your PC. This will allow you to communicate correctly with the bootloader interface of the smartphone, which is otherwise impossible.

  • From the respective pages, download and install both the drivers for OnePlus 6 and those specific to ADB and Fastboot.
  • Run both .exe files you have just downloaded, without forgetting to grant administrator permissions.
  • As for the ADB and Fastboot drivers, once the program has started, follow the recommended steps. To confirm the choices we remind you that you have to enter the letter Y and press enter.
  • Once the installation process is complete, restart the computer.

Before starting the real unlocking of the bootloader, check that the battery of your OnePlus 6 is at least over 60%. Otherwise, you reach at least this level to avoid problems during the procedure.

Before moving on to the next point, remember to activate the developer options and grant permission for both USB debugging and OEM Unlock. To do this you must first tap 7 times on the build number in “Device Info” and then go to developer options.

Unblock the OnePlus 6 bootloader

In this section, we will explain in detail how to unlock the OnePlus bootloader 6. Always remember that this operation, although well tested presents risks that can cause malfunctions to the smartphone. We also remind you once again that memory and all data in it will be irretrievably deleted. 

If you are ready to “take these risks” it is time to proceed further.

  • Activate the fastboot mode of your smartphone. To do so shut it down and once all the processes are finished press the volume + key and the power button. Once you have finished booting, you will see “Fastboot” on the display.
  • Now, to check the actual connection of your smartphone, go to the folder Adb, usually present in the main directory of the hard disk.
  • Here hold down shift and the right mouse button, select the item “Open window PowerShell here” and type the following command: fastboot devices
  • If everything goes right you will be given an alphanumeric sequence that indicates the correct connection of OnePlus 6.

  • Now comes the crucial part of the operation, the one that actually performs the bootloader unlock on OnePlus 6.
  • In the same window, type fastboot OEM unlock.
  • Remember once again that this operation completely deletes the data in the internal memory. Act accordingly to protect yourself against possible problems.
  • A Warning message will appear on the smartphone display. To accept unlocking the bootloader, use the volume keys as the cursor and the power button to confirm.

  • At this point, the smartphone will restart in the system recovery. Here you wipe the data and restart again.

Congratulations! You have successfully completed the procedure to unlock the bootloader on OnePlus 6. Now you just have to wait for the initialization of Android and enjoy all the benefits and customizations that the modding grants you.

Conclusions and other interesting articles

As you can see, unlocking the OnePlus 6 bootloader is a relatively simple and affordable task. However, do not forget to follow the instructions that we have provided you meticulously to avoid risks of any kind.

In the meantime, if you are new to this world and want to learn something more, we recommend that you take a look at the following articles.

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