How To Use An iPhone Smart Battery Case As A Beginner


iPhone X users are known to enjoy the phone’s good battery life, especially if there is constant power around you which means your device and its charger are never far away from each other, so ideally, battery cases don’t have these kinds of individuals as a target market. But notwithstanding, the recent news on Apple’s Smart Battery Case for new iPhone devices still caught the attention of many, including mine.

There is this new iPhone Case with Walkie-Talkie named NO.1 IP01 that has gotten everyone talking. This is a 3-in-1 iPhone Case with Drop Protection, Walkie-Talkie, and also acts as a Power Bank with a 3500mAh battery inside. However, that will not be our main focus for today.

Everyone wants to have a feel of using a Smart Battery Case. Read up to find out how amazing the experience can be.

Does The iPhone XS Smart Battery Case Function With iPhone X?

Yes, it does. They work perfectly well with the iPhone X. If the latest software update is already installed by you, there are no annoying pop-ups or warning texts. You simply plug in and charging begins.

Physically, the iPhone X fits the iPhone XS Battery Case admirably, which is expected, as we all know that they are similar with their physical dimensions. The main dissimilarity between them is the speaker grille and the camera bump metrics. The iPhone X’s camera module is <1mm lesser than the camera bump on the iPhone XS. This means that as you make use of the Smart Battery Case with an iPhone X, you will notice a very little gap of unoccupied space beneath the camera hole — identical to when you try to use an iPhone X with a XS silicone case. This gap is less than an mm and a normal person might not be able to take cognizance of the flawed alignment unless you show it to them.


The difference in speaker grilles is more clear. The iPhone X is designed with 6 speaker grills on each side of the Lightning port, whereas the iPhone XS has just three on its left side. This means the XS Battery Case only has 3 circular openings on the left-hand side. Not to worry, this has no impact whatsoever on the functionality of the phone. The three leftmost speaker holes on the iPhone X are not useful and were only added for beauty reasons only. The microphone at the bottom can still detect sound via the 3 holes seen in the case. The audile sound from the bottom-firing speaker emerged from the right side of six holes, so the Smart Battery Case does not mess with the sound in any way.

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If you need a battery case for your iPhone X, the iPhone XS Smart Battery Case is a great option to consider. The case guarantees protection and enhanced battery life with more smartness than a normal, dull battery pack, so let’s discuss what the three aspects are all about.

1. Smart

The main reason to go for the Apple Smart Battery Case ahead of any other product is its Lightning connector that can speak to iOS and remarkably give a response to the power state of the connected phone. This tells us that the Smart Battery Case does not possess an on-off switch. As soon as it is connected, it ensures your iPhone is getting charging first and foremost, and then it pays attention to the case also. Immediately the iPhone battery percentage goes past 80%, the firmware begins sharing of charge between the case and the device to ensure the battery health lasts as long as it should.

The ecosystem edge also allows you to view the remaining battery of the case in the Today widget, and on the lock screen, as soon as you connect or disconnect the case. Although, there are several places in iOS that do not even recognize the existence of the Smart Battery Case and act as if the device was just connected to a regular wall charger. This tells us the integration could’ve been better.

The custom lock screen interface which splits the charge of the Battery Case and the iPhone is only shown for a short period of time on the lock screen when the device is plugged in, or when it is removed from power. As you stroll around, the phone’s lock screen shuns the existence of the Case and will show you “100 percent charged.” constantly — the same percentage will keep showing until the Case is expended. It would’ve been a lot cooler if it was able to show the % of the case as that is being exhausted, before moving on to reporting the internal battery statistics. Checking out Today’s view to view, the Batteries widget could be better.

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For instance, in Battery settings, throughout the process of discharging the case, the graphs only display the state of the iPhone. This makes it a graph that serves no purpose and only displays all bars being maxed out at 100 percent. Preferably, this screen would find it easier to report the ever—reducing battery percentage of the case during times like that. For long hours when Low Power Mode is in full force, the chart gives bars unique colors. That should’ve been replicated when the Smart Battery Case was draining.

The same story, in the status bar, the battery icon only shows the regular “Battery Charging.” as the iPhone drains power from the Smart Battery Case. This handling is very rudimentary. A unique icon should be present to detect this draining from the Case as opposed to the draining from the phone.

Also, when you access the Control Center, you see no admission that a Smart Battery Case is currently being used. The spot identified above is the most appropriate spot in the iOS User Interface to display the different battery percentages of the phone and case separately. There should be another batter icon below the normal one to point out the percentage of the Smart Battery Case, identical to the display of dual SIM connectivity on iOS.

2. Battery

The usefulness of the Smart Battery Case relies entirely on the added battery life it can offer. Apple tells us that the iPhone XS can surf the web for 75% longer with a fully charged Smart Battery Case, or nine more hours of extra usage when you compare it with just the iPhone’s internal battery.


Because it lets you charge the case and phone by plugging directly into the Lightning port integrated into the case is a major benefit over third-party cases, which primarily gets involved with micro-USB charging. These cases from Apple also engage in Qi charging. What this says is that, wherever you charge your iPhone these days, you get to charge your iPhone encased in the Smart Battery Case as well. There is the issue of USB Power Delivery for rapid charging and they serve as a passthrough for Lightning features like microphones or headphones. These are massive features to look at.

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3. Case

The Smart Battery Case is similar to the Apple silicone case. If you fancy the latter, you’ll have nice things to say. The material that comes with it gives you the same feeling as the touch, even though the buttons on the silicone cases feel like they are more quality than the Battery Case. The Smart Battery Case buttons are also more difficult to depress for some reason we can’t state here. The Smart Battery Case ensures the provision of more security than either the Apple silicone or leather case, and it is larger and heavier. Should in case the phones fall from your hand, and land with its back, the case’s battery bump definitely feels most of the hit that came with the slam.

The bottom part of the case is massively standard compared to past versions of the Smart Battery Case. It has a lip on all four sides of the device, which totally goes against what a silicone or leather case is known for. Therefore, Swipe gestures are quite hard to have fun with, as your fingers keep colliding with overhanging case edge. This repositioning is what your fingers will have to get used to as time goes by so it is not much of a problem.

The Smart Battery Case gives your phone a more heavy look, that bit is certain. The phone looks thicker as well, but I don’t think anyone is bothering about that. Users of the case say it is handy if you travel a lot and need to be on the internet 247. To use it like that, get a portable battery instead of a phone case as it will hold several times added capacity than a case will, you even get to charge it again and again with a convenient storage manner as you charge. Battery cases suit users who fancy an extended battery throughout the year. Apple has done really well with how long the iPhone battery lasts in XS Max and XR but battery cases can improve.


The Smart Battery Case is obviously the main option for people like that, with its brilliant power management and for supporting Lightning and Wireless charging, even though there are still several ways iOS can be smarter about it.