How To Use Double WhatsApp Accounts On One Phone


Billions of humans use WhatsApp on a daily basis for work, business or personal purposes. The messaging app is blessed with features for seamless interactions but as at today, 29th of January 2019, users are still not allowed to use multiple accounts on one phone. But not to worry, this article will expose you to simple tricks you should know for overcoming obstacles like this.

Why We Need Two WhatsApp Accounts On One Phone

The reason for using multiple accounts on one mobile device originated from the use of dual-SIM devices. Nowadays, several people fancy two phone numbers to ensure their personal and professional lives are kept apart. For this reason, using just one number for WhatsApp is only ensuring professional and personal relationships stay together, which is not what most of us want.

How To Get It Done

Unlike Mark’s Facebook, WhatsApp messaging app does not allow the option of two different accounts on the same handset, but this can easily be done by cloning the app and signing up on the clone with another phone number. This trick can either be aided by a system-based cloning option that can be found on smartphones or with a third-party app.

1. Cloning With System-Based Options

Most smartphones from China are filled with dedicated options for app cloning. On OPPO and Honor devices, you can locate these options by accessing “Settings.” and searching for “Dual Apps.” “Clone App.” “App Twin.” So for another WhatsApp account to add to an existing one, go to any of the options listed, depending on your mobile phone, and turn on the toggle for the messaging app.

2. Cloning With Third-Party Apps

If your phone is a Samsung or a device that run on stock Android, chances of seeing the option to clone Whatsapp is very low. In cases like this, go to Google playstore and install “Parallel Space.” or “DualSpace.” These two applications will provide a clean virtual space where you should be able to work on creating and cloning WhatsApp without any precondition.

3. Register Your Account

As soon as the cloning of WhatsApp is done, launch it and register for the messaging app the normal way we are all used too. You’ll be asked to provide your second number and verify with a code that would be sent via SMS or voice call. After set-up, your second number is up and ready to give you another WhatsApp experience on the same phone.


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