How To Use Guided Access On Your iPhone

Have you ever handed your kid your iPhone to play a game, and he or she ended up opening your Mail instead? Or were you working really hard on a project but got delayed because of annoying notifications on your iPad?

Not to worry, because there is a simple way to prevent these kinds of situations from happening, and that is Guided Access for iPhone and iPad. If you are not aware, this useful feature simply restricts what is visible on the screen, and what you can click. See How To Use Guided Access On Your iPhone:

Use Guided Access On iPhone
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What Is Guided Access On iPhone And iPad?

Well, as I wrote above, Guided Access is a feature that limits what users can view and click on their iOS device’s display. The restriction includes a single application, therefore, during a Guided Access session, you will not be able to see, open, or use any other application on your device.

On top of that, you can stop specific areas of the display from being tapped. This is brilliant if the application has banner ads at the top or bottom. It is also useful for getting rid of the ability to tap notifications you’ve set up to show at the top of your screen.

Another use for the feature is when you are teaching someone to use an application that has several buttons to tap – you can restrict them to just the ones you absolutely need. Now that you know a thing or two about Guided Access and how it can help, let’s break down how to set it up.

How Can I Set Up A Guided Access Session On My iPhone And iPad?

If you must know, setting up a Guided Access session on an iPhone and iPad is quite similar. Just adhere to these instructions:

  1. Access Settings > General > Accessibility.
  2. Swipe to the bottom and tap “Guided Access.”
  3. Move the silder to activate “Guided Access.”
Use Guided Access On iPhone
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Activating the feature doesn’t mean that your Guided Access session has started, however, you’ll have to do something else to make that happen.

How Can I Use Guided Access?

When you are set to start a Guided Access session, launch the application that you wish to use during the session. Don’t forget that it only works with one application at a time.

Triple-tap the Home button to start your session, or on iPhone X or newer, use the Side button. You can also ask Siri for help by saying “Turn on Guided Access.”

You can then click “Start” at the top-right to begin your session asap. Or, take a moment to explore the “Options” available for your session.

How To End A Guided Access Session?

If you set up a time limit under “Guided Access Options,” the session will end when your time is up. A notification would be visible prompting you to triple-click your button to enter your passcode.

You can also end a session manually whenever you want by triple-clicking your Home (or Side) button and entering your passcode.

Be aware that if you set a specific passcode for Guided Access, you’ll have to enter that code, if you didn’t, then you can type in your phone passcode.

That is that.

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