How To Use iMessage On Windows PC?


Even if WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, Apple’s Messages application is still one of the best across iDevices. This is why a lot of Windows users prefer iMessaging and look for ways to use iMessage on Windows PC and we can help. There is no straightforward way to download and install Apple’s Messages application on Windows. However, there is a way to make it happen, but your Mac must be in order to get it done.

How Can I Use iMessage On Windows PC?

  • Ensure you have a Mac with iMessage and PC with Windows.
  • After that, get Chrome and Chrome Remote Desktop downloaded on both computers.

Use iMessage On Windows PC

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  • As soon as it is installed, launch the application.

Use iMessage On Windows PC

  • On your Mac, download Chrome Remote Desktop Host Installer.
  • As soon as it is downloaded, install the same thing on your Mac. Be aware that Chrome Remote Desktop allows you to access your computer through Chrome browser or Chromebook. Besides, your application and files can be easily accessed safely.
  • Make use of the code to connect the 2 computers. After that, get started.

That is that, enjoy iMessage on your windows computer.

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How about if you do not own a Mac but still wish to use iMessage on your Windows PC? You can still make things happen. Just get iPadian downloaded on your Windows. It is an emulator that aids the creation of a virtual iOS ecosystem on your Windows, allowing you to install Apple’s popular Messages on your Windows.

How Can I Install Apple’s Messages App On Windows PC Using iPadian 2?

  1. Get the iPadian emulator downloaded.
  2. Get the .exe file installed on your computer.
  3. Run the emulator.
  4. Accept the terms and conditions.
  5. As soon as the process of installation is successfully completed, launch the iPadian software on your PC.
  6. After that, search for “iMessage”
  7. Lastly, download the Messages app on your computer.

When that is done, launch the application and enjoy iMessage on your Windows PC.


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