How To Use The Call Screen Feature On Your Pixel 3?


One amazing feature of the Pixel 3 is Call Screening.

It lets you use automated prompts and Google Assistant to ask unknown callers for their reason for calling, even when you do not receive the call.

You will get a real-time transcription of the convo, and can select from several follow-up questions to retrieve proper information from the caller before deciding to pick up or cut the call.

Fortunately, getting this done is straightforward.

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What Is Needed?

Call Screening is lovely, but it can only be accessed on few phones. Fortunately, that might change soon as its expansion has began.

Months back, Motorola released Call Screening to its full line of Moto G7 phones, plus the Motorola One lineup, but some carriers have prevented the feature on their devices. Bearing that in mind, it is wise to persist with the unlocked models if you want to enjoy Call Screening.

It does not matter the phone you use for Call Screening, every audio transcription takes place locally on the phone, instead of getting uploaded to Google. Your device will instantly ask to prevent spam numbers after you cut a call, so you never have to pick one more robo-call ever again.

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How Can I Use Call Screen?

It does not come with a switch to enable or disable, it is activated by default, and is visible as a 3rd option (alongside answer and decline) everytime you pick a call. You can decide on either a guy or lady’s voice for the Assistant prompt when you speak to unknown callers.

  1. Launch the Phone application and click “Settings.”
  2. Close to the bottom of the list, click “Call Screen.”
  3. Click Voice.
  4. Click either the first voice (female) or the second voice (male).

You will not detect any difference, because the caller alone will hear the Assistant voice at the other end of the line, but it will not hurt to get some options still. When next you pick a call from an unknown number, you will be able to redirect them to your freshly chosen Assistant voice.

  1. Click “Screen call” when picking a call.
  2. The Assistant script being read will be visible, plus a transcription of the caller’s replies. Click one of the options way down on the screen to request for added details.
  3. You will also be allowed to select prompts that cut the call, such as “I’ll call you back” or “I’ll text you.”
  4.  Whenever yo decide to pick or cut the call, click the corresponding button seen at the bottom of the display.

You are done. If the caller drops the call as Call Screen is going on, Google might request to know if you will want to tag that phone number as a spam caller or block it from ever reaching out to you again.


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