How To Verify Custom Duty Online In Nigeria

Verify Custom Duty Online Nigeria
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Before purchasing a vehicle from a car dealer or after you receive your custom duty papers for your vehicle/car, you always need to verify the authenticity of the documents. Being able to check and confirm it online can simplify a lot of things.

If you are not aware, all cars imported into Nigeria, both new and fairly used, need to go through customs, and declaration/custom papers need to be obtained. The custom duty papers come with single goods declaration (SGD) forms, alongside a Customs Reference Numbers or C-number, and the number helps to keep all the details concerning the automobile.

The special number then gets assigned to the database of the Nigerian Customs Service, and no other vehicle can ever have the same digits again. Need to confirm everything you should know about custom duty in the country? See How To Verify Custom Duty Online In Nigeria:

Verify Custom Duty Online Nigeria
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How Can I Check Custom Duty Online In Nigeria?

Right now, it is not possible to verify custom duty online. The reason is that online verification is not available just yet, but there are other options that will help you to verify your custom duty papers easily. There are helpdesk contacts that Nigerians can call for this purpose, and all their questions will be answered. They are:


To confirm the authenticity of the custom papers, call the numbers, and provide these details “Customs Reference Numbers,” “Year of payment,” and “The Nigeria Customs Command where duty was paid in full.” As you give this information, the customer care rep will type in the info you are providing to verify if your details are available in their database.

In the space of 5 minutes, you should receive a response on if the customs duty paper information you provided is legit. If you want to purchase a vehicle from a dealer, you can go ahead as soon as the papers are confirmed.

Verify Custom Duty Online Nigeria
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Why Is It Impossible To Check Custom Duty Papers Online?

Sadly, until now, it is not possible, despite a lot of Nigerians expecting the launch of such a system that will simplify a lot of things for them. No reason has been given for this, but it is our current reality.

Can I Check Custom Duty Rates Online?

If you need to confirm the customs tariff list online, it is possible, since Nigeria Customs Service has a useful database that can be searched. Head to, locate “Quick Search CET Tariff” on the left, and look for the tariff you fancy.

You are allowed to search the custom duty tariff database by CET code or by keyword. For example, if you want to know the custom rate for live purebred breeding horses, you can search by its CET code, 0101.2100.00, or search by any vital word.

That is that.


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