How To View Deleted Messages On Your iPhone?


Did you delete a vital text message on your iPhone mistakenly or you suddenly realized that you really need the text after the deed has been done? Luckily for you, Apple has you covered and they have a fix that can help you.

There are 3 methods of recovering deleted texts on iPhone. They are iTunes, iCloud, and a 3rd-party app. Check below for how to make it happen

1. iTunes

This is a very cool platform that can be used for more than just playing your preferred songs, organizing your playlists, and purchasing fresh music. When you get your iPhone plugged into your PC, iTunes actually syncs things on your behalf. Things like songs, podcasts, clips, and anything else you selected or has been selected by default. Your SMSes are not excluded as well, meaning iTunes backs up your texts too.

To view messages that have been deleted from your iOS device, just get the phone connected to your computer. If iTunes is installed, it will launch itself. Or you can access it manually if that fails to happen. Within the app, an iPhone icon will be visible. Tap this icon to access the iPhone menu. In the right part of your screen, tap “Restore backup.” If automatic sync is activated on your iTunes, “Restore backup.” would replace the latest data on your iPhone, thereby restoring your deleted messages.

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Make sure you do not back up the phone on iTunes after deleting the messages that you wish to recover.

2. iCloud

Have you ever done an iCloud backup on your iPhone, then you will know you can restore the messages that you’ve deleted from the device from there. Do not forget, however, that you will be able to restore only the messages that were present at the time of your backup. Everything that took place in between will not count.

A while back, Apple unveiled Message in iCloud. This service aids you to sync your messages across several devices that share one Apple ID. Sadly, messages are not a part of iCloud backups. Meaning, if you get rid of a message on a device, it will be deleted on every synced device as well.

The only way to bring back your messages through iCloud is to perform a factory reset and restore your iPhone from its iCloud backup. Once more, if the specific backup happened after you have deleted the message you are looking for, iCloud cannot be of help. Confirm this by heading to Settings, your name, iCloud, Manage Storage and Backups.

Give resetting your phone back to factory settings a deep thought though and make up your mind if it will be worth it.

3. 3rd Party Apps

The options discussed earlier are easy and not complicated, however, if you backed up your phone on iCloud or iTunes after deleting the message(s) you wish to restore, they cannot be of help. Even if there is no 100 per cent guarantee that all 3rd-party software can get things done, you should still try them out.

1. Phonerescue

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This app functions on iPad, iPod Touch, iPhones and Android phones. It helps you to recover lost data and is useful for bringing back deleted files like pictures, notes, call history, reminders, third-party app data, contacts, calendar, and surely, messages. Even if this app will show you several results after searching for lost files, some of them will be files that are yet to be deleted. Phonerescue has a high success rate.

2. Enigma Recovery

This app can help you to recover data from your iPhone, but it also includes iCloud and iTunes backups. Deleted messages, WhatsApp and Kik contacts will be taken care of here including lost calls, notes, calendar entries and so on. Even if lost clips and pictures are just available as a part of an iTunes/iCloud backup, this app is amazing with messages too.

3. Dr.Fone

This is an iOS recovery and repair platform. Although it provides several other options and tools, it also helps with deleted data recovery, including SMS. The app lets you back up and restore data and apps. Surely, it will not be able to bring back some data, but this is the case with other data recovery apps. What makes it the ideal option is that Dr.Fone is known to have the highest recovery rate.


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