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How to watch Netflix videos in 4K on PC

Netflix and Microsoft have recently announced a partnership that will allow you to enjoy a ton of video content with 4K resolution, which you can enjoy on your Smart TVs and even on the PlayStation 4, provided you have created an account at the well-known video streaming platform.

Unfortunately – as often happens with projects in progress – not all things are smooth like oil- specifically, because of Microsoft’s digital rights management system, some Netflix users may not be able to access the content library in Ultra-HD on the streaming platform. Or the obstacle could be represented by the computer hardware. Let’s discover together how to watch Netflix videos in 4K on the PC, solving both problems.

Netflix in 4K on the PC? The first step is the subscription

Before you understand how to watch Netflix videos in 4K on your PC, you will need to make sure you have all the right credentials to do so. Specifically, you must have a Netflix subscription with the option Ultra-HD enabled, ie the most expensive- the others, in fact, do not include the ability to enjoy this content, and you will then have to switch to a higher subscription, in the case you have not done it before.

How to change your subscription plan? This is a very simple operation. Just go to the Edit Plan section of Netflix and change it by choosing the most advanced and expensive- before doing so, however, make sure you have everything you need to broadcast your content in 4K on your PC. Otherwise, you would throw your money uselessly. Finally, to watch videos in 4K you will also need a fast Internet connection (possibly Fiber), to avoid an eternal buffering and watching a video in jerky, which would be unnerving and annoying.

Watch Netflix in 4K on the PC- what do you need?

According to the previously mentioned agreement, to watch Netflix videos in 4K on the PC you will need the license of PlayReady 3.0, currently, present only on the update of Windows 10 Anniversary. If you have not done so yet, the next step is to install this version of the operating system- in case you have a version of Windows before 10, or 10 without the Anniversary update, you will not be able to watch videos in any way 4K from Netflix.

But the aspects to be considered certainly do not end here– in order to manage this streaming stream so complex, you will also need hardware capable of encoding the 10-bit HEVC format, such as an Intel Kaby Lake processor and an Nvidia GTX graphics card 1080. In case you do not have a GPU of this level, prepare yourself for a cost of about 500 euros. Finally, you should also know that you will be forced to use the Microsoft Edge browser and a monitor (or TV) compatible with 4K- the outlay, even in this case, is quite remarkable.

The advice, therefore, is to address these expenses only if you can afford it, and if you are genuine high definition maniacs– alternatively, you could expect a fall in prices that presumably will arrive in the next months of 2017, especially as regards the TV in 4K.

How to watch Netflix videos in 4K on the PC?

If you are able to respond positively to all the requirements listed above, then you will have everything you need to watch Netflix videos in 4K on your PC. How to do? Again, the procedure is almost trivial- you have to log in to your account on Netflix, go to “Playback Settings” on “My Profile“, and set the maximum resolution. From now on, you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite movies and TV series in 4K resolution on your computer or on TV. You just have to subscribe.

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