How to watch satellite TV for free without breaking the law

free to air receivers Dish
free to air receivers Dish

For watching certain television programs, such as sports events, paid access is required. This means that you need a specific subscription with the issuer. It is sometimes difficult for some users to bear these costs. Also because the issuer itself has carried out some restrictive measures against piracy. He also introduced systems against possible large-screen reproductions. To solve this problem, it is possible to use the computer with suitable software. So you can watch satellite TV for free without breaking the law. All with a free reception of a satellite or digital signal. For this type of use, the program exists ProgDVB, simple even for the less experienced. You can install it by selecting the preferred TV program from the appropriate list. The available channels are worldwide.


  • A PC and ProgDVB software.

Install the application

To watch satellite TV from your computer without breaking the rules, install the program. Just enter the address Then make the Download. So you need to select the installation file for each one’s operating system. For correct functionality, Microsoft must also be installed. NET. This program can also be downloaded from the same page.

Conclude the execution

Now double click on the installation file and then press the Run button. So on Next, I agree and finally three more times on Next. During the procedure, select the desired language from the Menu. The type of choice made is fundamental for assistance purposes. After that, the software can be installed. Put a check mark on the “runProgDVB” box and then press on Finish. Once the program has started, you can watch satellite TV for free without breaking the rules. Therefore, select “Internet TV” before selecting the country on the menu. Now you can finally choose the preferred satellite TV channel. If the firewall is having problems, select “Allow access”. As soon as you’ve adjusted everything you want, you will be able to watch all the programs in clear text. With this procedure, you can watch satellite TV for free without breaking the law.

Choose the desired TV programs

ProgDVB is working on many DVB hardware reception boards. It is possible to choose from a variety of programs, both national and international. It also has several functions to watch TV without breaking the law. For example that of recording a television program. Or forwarding the signal to a local network. ProgDVB also allows you to optimally manage any integrated computer cards.

Never forget:

In addition to ProgDVB, there are many other applications downloadable from the web, just as useful and free.


  1. Please I have receiver Free-Sat v7max and openbox v8s.
    How can I install it to get good channels for Free , even how to use the biss keys.


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