How You Can Add Outlook Calendar To Your Android Device?


Do you want to add Outlook calendar to your Android device? Or do you intend to sync Google Calendar with Outlook? This article highlights how to go about these two options.

It took a while, but, the big technology companies finally realized that we do not wish to be restricted to one brand for everything and that we all wish to select and choose what we intend to use and on what kind of device. It even gets better now that we know Apple is buying into this as well. It is also possible to use Microsoft products with Google or Android, Apple with Android and use applications and platforms on all kinds of devices. It is great time to be in tech even if we have expected it for a while.

When it comes to adding the management of appointments and schedules to our busy lifestyles, it is very hard. Knowing how you can send your work calendar to your mobile device is one way to make that simpler. If your boss makes use of Exchange or Office 365, including the Outlook calendar in an Android device is a way to get it done. If your work uses G Suite with Google Calendar and you intend to sync it with an Outlook calendar you own, it is very much possible.

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Adding Outlook Calendar To Your Android Device

The simplest way to add an Outlook calendar to an Android device is by using an Exchange Active Sync mail account. In the instance given earlier, including a work Outlook calendar in your personal mobile device, this will happen automatically. Most bosses that use Exchange with utilize Active Sync.

First and foremost, lets touch on the Outlook app in Android.

  1. Launch the Outlook app and select calendar.
  2. Select the three line menu icon top left.
  3. Tap Add Calendar.
  4. Get your Outlook account added as soon as you are prompted and ensure the setup wizard is completed.

Sadly, this method will not always work like you expect. Polling from Google Calendar does not work continuously at times. You can attempt it though.

To include your calendar in an Exchange environment, you might require access from the System Administrator but try things out and see the result. If you do not intend to sync a work calendar and you simply plan to link Outlook with Android, it can be done as well.

  1. Launch the Mail app on your mobile device.
  2. Select Settings and Add New Account.
  3. Type in the Outlook email address and the application will respond.
  4. As soon as it is set up, your Outlook calendar will be visible from inside the Mail app.

It is also possible to connect your Outlook account to Gmail which will also sync the calendar. This will function with ancient POP or IMAP Outlook accounts as well so if you do not make use of Exchange Active Sync, attempt to link an Outlook calendar to Gmail on your Android device.

  1. Launch Gmail on your Android device.
  2. Select the three line menu icon, then Settings and Add Account.
  3. Use Exchange and Office 365 as the provider.
  4. Type in your email address and password as soon as you are instructed to do so.
  5. Tap OK when you see the security message.
  6. Wrap up account setup.

It does not matter if you use Outlook, select Exchange and Office 365. The Outlook, Hotmail or Live option just uses POP or IMAP which does not cater for calendar syncing. For those who intend to link their personal Outlook account, it would be compatible with Exchange Active Sync which is the where calendar updates originate from.

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Sync Google Calendar With Outlook

If you intend to get things done in reverse, that is very uncomplicated. Same way you can add an Outlook calendar to your Android device, you can also add your Google Calendar to the Outlook app. It does not matter if you make use of Office 365 or you simply plan to sync everything on your device, it is doable.

  1. Open Google calendar and get yourself logged in.
  2. Choose the calendar you plan to sync from the list presented to you.
  3. Hover over it and select Settings.
  4. Scroll so you can Integrate calendar in the fresh window.
  5. Choose Secret Address in iCal format and have the address copied.
  6. Open Outlook and get yourself logged in.
  7. Select File, Account Settings and Account Settings.
  8. Select Internet Calendars and New.
  9. Have your Secret Address pasted into the box and Add.
  10. Give your calendar a name and select OK.

Henceforth, as soon you open Outlook it will poll your Google calendar as well and have it updated in Outlook. Creation of appointments in Outlook and ensuring their reflection in Google is impossible though. They have to be created from inside Google Calendar. It is sad that is how it is right about now but it is the reality on ground.


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