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How You Can Fake Snapchat Location Filters On Android And iOS

When it comes to the most appropriate geo-location filters, Snapchat does not have them. They are simple to understand, but the artwork is not ideal. But even at that, lots of people still fancy using them, for when the location tag is not enough.

But geolocation filters can be a trick at times, depending on what you make use of and the model of your iPhone. This can be done as a joke, or to not reveal the truth about your present location.

To know how to fake your Snapchat location filters and other things you can down with the location settings, read on.


This is a decent app that can be used for lots of things. It is a jailbreak tweak that can make you build up your Snapchat to suit your individual taste. It can even be used to ensure your real location is kept secret while you deceive people that you are at some place else. Your whereabouts are kept unknown as you indulge in your regular activities and share snaps without thinking there could be someone out there trying to trace you. Before installation of Phantom is possible, installation of TweakBox must’ve taken place. On the steps to take to ensure you are able to spoof your location with Phantom as soon as it installed:

  1. Head to Settings.
  2. Head to Phantom for Snapchat.
  3. Configure the options you need.
  4. Launch Snapchat.
  5. Click the Location button
  6. Change your location from the World Map.
  7. Choose a new location by clicking and holding until the world map disappears.

After this, your snaps will display any location you desire. To cap it all up, you can also access filters from all over the globe.

Remember that you go back on your decision and change the location a second time on one snap, swipe in the opposite way to gain access to the new geo-location filters.

But, there is a major problem. Phantom is famous for getting updated in a very slow manner. You also require a jailbroken phone

However, there is one significant problem. This app is known to get updated at a very slow pace. That’s even more of a nuisance than the fact that you need a jailbroken phone to use it. Therefore a better way to keep your privacy is to change your iPhone’s Location Services settings.

How Snapchat Collects Information On Your Location

Almost all devices, even before the invention of smartphones, use GPS, Bluetooth, and cell tower location data to serve as a digital footprint on your behalf while your mobile device is turned on.

All social media applications and file sharing apps today utilize this and let you tag yourself, anywhere you are at any time. As you install the applications, you allow this information to be accessed.

Not everybody will allow this. If that was the case, smartphone sales would have increased years back. But, there is still some privacy skepticism. The fact that anyone can know where you are and what exactly you are doing every time can lead to outcomes you do not like.

Snapchat is an app for tagging yourself in amazing places, doing amazing things. The app takes major advantage of all your iPhone’s location data to reveal your precise location something is snapped.

But luckily, you can deactivate location services on your mobile device. If that is done, all your applications will no longer receive this information.

How To Deactivate Location Services

If you fancy your privacy, this is how you can deactivate location services on iOS devices:

  1. Head to Settings.
  2. Head to Privacy.
  3. Select Location Services.
  4. Toggle Location Services off.

The great news is that Snapchat and other social media apps will not know your present location. The terrible news is that other apps can be affected too. For instance, it deactivates location services for applications like Maps, which can do more damage than good. In fact, this method can be trouble.

Also, disabling location is only an inconvenience. It cannot endanger you in any way at all. Whenever you attempt an emergency call from your iOS device, the feature gets re-activated automatically. The exact result is what you will get if you make use of the Find My iPhone service. It secures you should you misplace your phone.

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