How You Can Lock WhatsApp On iPhone?


Apple’s Face ID and Touch ID can be useful for several reasons, it is not limited to only unlocking your iPhone or paving the way for an Apple Pay payment.

Lots of applications ask for Face ID or Touch ID authentication to aid access, even when your phone is already unlocked. Some of these apps are banking apps, several retail apps and now, Whatsapp has joined this list.

To have WhatsApp locked on your iPhone to ensure that your face or fingerprint is always key for anyone to view your WhatsApp chats even if your iPhone is unlocked, adhere to the instructions below:

  1. Launch WhatsApp.
  2. Tap Settings in the bottom right of the screen.
  3. Click on Account.
  4. Open Privacy.
  5.  Click on Screen Lock.
  6. Turn Require Face ID/Require Touch ID on.
  7. Choose time duration for when you want Face ID or Touch ID to be active.

Anytime Screen Lock is enabled, you will still be able to respond to messages from notifications and pick phonecalls, but you cannot view your WhatsApp chats without the right face or fingerprint.

If Face ID or Touch ID fail to work, you will see a white screen that displays “WhatsApp Locked. Unlock with FaceID/Touch ID to open WhatsApp”. An option to make use of a passcode does not exist, unless you do the things you see below:

How You Can Bypass Face ID Or Touch ID On Locked WhatsApp

If you require access to WhatsApp chats that can only be seen after scaling through a Face ID or Touch ID, it can be done, but you will need the iPhone’s passcode.

We will not question you on what you need something like this for, we will only let you know how you can make it happen.

These guidelines will aid you to scale through Face ID or Touch ID restriction on WhatsApp:

  1. Access Settings on your iOS service.
  2. Move down to “Face ID & Passcode” or “Touch ID & Passcode.”
  3. Type in the iPhone’s passcode.
  4. Click “Other Apps”, you will find it under “Use Face ID/Touch ID For.”
  5. Whatsapp should now be toggled off.
  6. Re-launch Whatsapp.
  7. Input the iPhone’s passcode.

This is no official step, more like a loophole in the feature. It just revokes any authorization to utilize Face ID or Touch ID on WhatsApp, but trust it to grant you access to WhatsApp chats as long as you have the passcode.


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