How You Can Power Off Your iPhone With A Faulty Power Button

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Tech Guide

Smartphones become more complicated yearly as you might’ve noticed. On the phones out there now, there is always more than one way of doing a particular thing. For example, there are 2 ways to delete an application and cached data, a few ways to reset your mobile device e.t.c.

This is due to the fact that the complexity of smartphones ensures they are susceptible to hardware and software malfunction. This makes it difficult to complete easy tasks. In scenarios like this, iPhones and every other smartphone offers you several paths you will take to arrive at the same destination.

How do you power off your mobile device if the power buttons do not function anymore? Luckily, it is easy to still do something about a faulty power button to power off and power on your iPhone.

Activate AssistiveTouch

This is an amazing feature that aids users to enjoy their iPhone device. If it is enabled, there is how you can power off your smartphone when your power button is stuck or becomes faulty and no longer does its job.

On how to get it activated, do this:

  1. Access Settings.
  2. Head to General.
  3. Head to Accessibility.
  4. Locate AssistiveTouch by scrolling down.
  5. Click and move the toggle button to have it enabled.

This ensures you have a back up way to turn off your iPhone without making use of the faulty power button. It assists you to open a Power Off slider at the top of your screen to power it off.

It lets you lock the screen, rotate it, make adjustments of the volume, and so on. It also grants you the chance to engage the device’s button functions without necessarily pressing the physical buttons.

Activate AssistiveTouch On iPhone X Or Newer

iPhone X makes it very easy to get this done. If the Accessibility Shortcut is enabled, the AssistiveTouch feature can be controlled by clicking the side button thrice. Or, you can simply press the Home buttons three times.

It is even possible to have fun with the click speed and make adjustments to it from the Accessibility menu- General > Accessibility > Side Button – from this point, you are able to select between the Side and Home buttons, set the click speed and so on.

Power Off Via AssistiveTouch Menu

Now that the feature is enabled, how can it be used?

Search for the app icon with a white circle. It might be above other apps at the bottom of your screen, or it can be blurred out or transparent. The icon is dependent on the model of your iPhone.

After clicking the circle, you can open up a fresh menu. This can be used for lots of things, like:

Lock Screen

Click the Device option and then click Lock Screen. The Home button can be utilized later to bring your iPhone back to life.

Power Off

From the same Device menu, click and hold on the Lock Screen icon till the Power Off slider shows up. Slide to power off.

Use The Menu

Another simple method to power off your iPhone is by doing it via the settings options:

  1. Head to Settings.
  2. Click General.
  3. Select ShutDown.
  4. Slide the slider as soon as it shows up on your screen.

Pls remember that this will only function on some iPhones. If you have an iPhone version that is older than 11.0, it will not work without you updating the operating system first.

How You Can Power The iPhone Back On

Another question will bother you as regards a faulty sleep/wake button. Powering it off is kinda easy but how about powering it back on if the button is still malfunctioning?

An amazing thing about iPhones is that they can be turned on by with the help of a USB charger. Just connect the USB charger to your PC, and your iPhone will come back to life when it begins to charge. If you make use of a wall charger, it might end up being a waste of time.


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