How You Can Rectify Galaxy S8 Authentication Error

Galaxy S8REAL
Galaxy S8REAL

Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 plus users who engage in attempting to connect to various WiFi networks should expect to see a message displaying WiFi Authentication Error.

If this is what you see, connecting your device to a WiFi network will not be possible until the issue causing the error is resolved.

The simplest way to resolve the Samsung Galaxy S8 Authentication Error is by restarting your mobile phone and typing your password again. If that goes smoothly, then a soft reset can be all you require to end the problem.

This error notification will pop up when the WiFi connection is considered invalid based on the username and password you typed in. If WiFi Authentication is not successful, something is surely not right that has to be identified and rectified.

Here are ways to correct the Samsung Galaxy S8 Authentication Error if rebooting failed to fix it:

Authentication Issue For Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8 Plus

Reports have it that you can resolve the Samsung Galaxy S8 Authentication Error by disabling any Bluetooth device that is synced with the Galaxy S8 when the WAP is enabled. Finding a solution to this can end the troubles you are battling with the Samsung Galaxy S8 Authentication Error.

Reboot The Wireless Router

If the step above fixed nothing, then it is time to turn our attention to the router or modem. The WiFi IP address may vary with several devices that all use one network. Other phones can be Intrusive with non-identical smartphone’s networks. This is the major issue with the Galaxy S8 Authentication Error. Rebooting your modem or router is the most appropriate means of rectifying this issue.


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