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Not receiving SMSes on your iPhone X is borderline disgusting. There are so many things you will be missing out on. Vital events, messages from friends and family, bae’s s3xt (if you know what I mean….)

Or even worse. It is possible that you will have no idea about an emergency in your home that concerns a loved one. How about your boss not being able to reach you? That’s a disaster.

All this is a big deal because it cuts you out totally from the rest of the world. Some of your pals might even tag you “arrogant.” because they think you are deliberately ignoring their texts. Long story short, you have to receive your SMS when it is sent.

There are two key reasons for this. One is not receiving SMS from a sender that uses an iPhone. Two is when you, in particular, cannot send SMS to someone who owns a Windows, Android or Blackberry device. As a warning concerning the latter, it should be because the message is being sent as iMessages.

Fortunately, these two problems can be solved with two solutions. Just follow the steps seen beneath this carefully and you’ll get a straightforward solution.

How To Solve Apple iPhone X Not Receiving Text Messages

One of the easiest ways to tackle the problem of your iPhone X not receiving SMS is by heading to Settings, and then opening Messages, then Send and Receive. Press Use Your Apple ID for iMessage and get yourself signed in with your Apple ID. Look out for your phone number and Apple ID being listed under You Can Be Reached By iMessage. Then, on your other iOS devices, head back to Settings, open Messages and Send and Receive.

If your iPhone is misplaced or lost and is presently not with you, we can conclude that you won’t be able to deactivate iMessage. If that is your situation, you will most likely have to visit the Deregister iMessage page so you can disable iMessage remotely right there. On the Deregister iMessage page, head to the bottom of the page and select the “no longer have your iPhone?” option. Under the option, you will be able to type in your phone number and select your region. Then, click Send Code. When you receive the code, type it in the Enter Confirmation Code field and submit.

Agreed, locating a misplaced or lost phone should take priority before looking for how to get it to receive or send text messages.

Reinstall Your SIM Card

SMS issues can sometimes be because of SIM-card errors. This happens if the SIM card is loose or not fitted properly in the tray. This can also happen if the SIM card is faulty. To be sure, removing and reinstalling the SIM card on your iPhone X can be of help. See how it’s done:

  1. Turn your iPhone off
  2. As your mobile device is off, insert the SIM ejector tool into the small hole on the SIM tray on the side.
  3. Get the SIM card and the SIM card tray removed.
  4. Check the SIM card for any sort of physical damage, scratches or liquid signs. If all looks well with it, return it back the way you removed it.
  5. Get the SIM card secured and push the SIM card tray back into the device.
  6. Have the tray locked and turn your iPhone on.
  7. Hold on until your device receives network signal, then open the messaging app and try sending and receiving again.


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