How You Can Reverse Image Search From Any Smartphone


The reverse image search functionality lets you locate identical photos or source details based off a picture and not a phrase.

There are algorithms that can be used to handle queries like this. But, they are not as well-developed as your regular keyword searches. This, i can relate with, because there are additional parameters involved compared to traditional search functionality.

Having said that, most computer users do not find these searches difficult in any way. Smartphone users though, might find it hard to achieve precise and relevant results, based on their device’s OS, their web browsers and database choices.

Here are ways to perform reverse image searches with your handset.

1. Google Image Search

Google provides a restricted version of their reverse image search function for smartphones and tabs. You have to visit images.google.com and it functions well with Safari and Chrome mobile browsers.


It is restricted and you will not be able to locate the camera icon which lets you upload photos.

To achieve that, after accessing the images.google.com website on your mobile device, you will need to request for the desktop version of the site by clicking “Request Desktop Site”.

When the desktop version is made available, the camera icon you will use to upload images will appear. If Safari is your preferred browser, click the arrow to reveal the menu with the “Request Desktop Site” option.

2. Chrome Browser Workaround

If you are making use of an iOS or Android smartphone, the Chrome browser can also be used to perform a reverse image search.

Just hold your finger on the picture of your choice and chill for the pop-up menu to appear. After that, you will see an option labelled “Search Google for This Image” way down on the list.


This feature is for Chrome only, so cannot be accessed on Safari.

3. Bing

If you are one of the users out there that still prefer Bing to Google, reverse image searches is possible on Bing as well. Just access bing.com/images and locate the camera icon for picture selection purposes. You are free to select from your library or choose any pic of your choice on the internet as long as you have the URL.

If you let Bing.com access your mobile device’s camera, you will also be able to perform a reverse image search of a snapped image. Google does not have this feature.

The greatest benefit that comes with using Bing for searches like this is that loading the desktop version on your smartphone is not necessary.

4. TinEye

It has billions of searches as i type this. As you make use of your phone, the upload icon is in the form of an arrow pointing up. Click that and decide whether to pick an image from your SD card, Google Drive or some other location.


TinEye is not free though, you are only allowed 150 free searches weekly.

Its paid option gives you access to a variety of options, but memberships begin at $200 i.e 71,586 naira for 150 free searches which can be a lot if you are not using it for professional or business purposes.