How You Can Rock Flash Player On Samsung Galaxy S9 & Galaxy S9 Plus

Samsung GalaxyS92real
Samsung GalaxyS92real

Just recently, Adobe Flash was nowhere to be found on Android devices. This step was taken to boost security, as there were several breaches related to Adobe Flash in the past. Users had no alternative choice than to change too.

It wasn’t that bad since Flash plugins were experiencing reduced use on the internet and were already embracing the risk of fading out entirely.

However, some users still wish Adobe Flash was around since websites with Flash elements built into them are still very much around, plus Flash games are haven’t stopped being existence. Do not bother your pretty head though, there is a solution to having the plugin on your Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus again.

There are several options for selecting a web browser particularly developed for Android smartphones that use a built-in Flash player. They are Mozilla, Dolphin, and some others. They aid you to play lots of Flash games and videos, an option you won’t find on other platforms.

One of the many options we recommend is the Dolphin browser. It doesn’t just support Flash player for Android, but it loads rapidly. You also get to experience added functionality due to its Flash capabilities, this includes HTML5 video, a tab bar, and incognito mode.

Before making use of this application, you must allow the use of 3rd party APKs. To get this done, access the General Settings and click on the security option. Right there and then, ensure the Unknown Sources option is ticked.

Here Is How You Can Install The Flash Player On Galaxy S9:

  1. Begin by installing your preferred browser that supports Adobe Flash.
    2. Make use of this LINK to download Dolphin, if that’s your preferred option.
    3. Go to Browser Settings.
    4. Locate the Flash Player option.
    5. Click on it and set it to Always on.
    6. You can now open a webpage that makes use of Flash
    7. Since the page requires Flash, get the Adobe Flash APK downloaded.
    8. You will now be able to install this Adobe Flash APK since you would have already checked the settings option.
    9. At last, the Dolphin browser will play the page alongside all its Flash elements seamlessly.

When you have completed the above, congratulations, you are now fully equipped to play Flash in the browser once more.


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