How You Can Setup A 2nd Phone Number In Android

Phone noreal
Phone noreal

A secondary phone number for your Android smartphone is a beautiful way to ensure your main phone number is more safeguarded and private. It gives you that anonymous feel, aiding you to use the number for a particular service or make a phone call to whoever without revealing your self.

There are a few known services that will offer an extra phone number you can make use of on Android. Several of them, you do not have to pay a dime. If you are searching for a way to not use your personal number, a secondary phone number app can do the job.

In this article, I’ve listed various apps that can aid you to make this happen. But, if you fancy applications, you can make use of a second line should your device be dual-SIM. This option is amazing for whoever travels and hope to stay clear of long distances and roaming fees.

I’ll say more on that at the end of the article, but first things first, let us discuss the apps.

Using any of these applications is the most effective way to add another number to your Android device. They’re easy to set up and will only cost you a fast download and installation.

1. Sideline

A very great option if you are searching for a secondary phone number app. This comes in handy for business persons who require a second number for calls that are strictly business. Make your job easier by making use of the amazing features that come with Sideline. Some of the features include number porting, unlimited text, voicemail and so on. Unlike VoIP services, this app focuses on making sure the quality of your calls are apt. Group messaging, a different caller ID, voicemail to text, optional VoIP service, and business texting are also available for you to utilize. Simply come up with a number without next to nothing technical expertise and safeguard your privacy.

2. Line2

Another popular secondary phone application and one of the most effective choices to go for. Come up with a different number for your employment hunts, your personal businesses and so on with this simple-to-operate app available in various nations. You are given 1500 free minutes when you install the app and there are no secret charges you will be required to pay. You get to have a local number for whatever you might need it for. If your aim is to transfer a number you already use over to Line2, that functions just fine as well. There are features you get to pay for though. There are monthly and yearly plans for you to choose from. Unrestricted text messaging, an American or Canada-based phone number, group calling, low international rates are some of them.

3. Coverme

A beautiful app. The texting on this app is well secure and phone calls are private. You do not need to worry about your privacy with this one. The security of your calls and SMSs are taken really seriously. The app even goes as far as adding to a password to your phone calls so strangers do not get to have access to them when your mobile device is not in your reach. Even your images, videos, passwords, and important documents are private. Records of your calls or SMSs on your phone bill will never be viewed. It is a proper protector for your mobile device from inquisitive individuals.

Setting Up And Using Google Voice

This is an adequate option for a 2nd phone number with your Android phone. Setting it up is easy, and will not cost you a dime, and as soon as you are done, Google voice is ready to serve as a 2nd number. Your Android phone will have to be worked on to use a Google Voice number to function as a second line just like a regular sim card. When Google Voice is set as the main number, all calls made by you will be made via the Google Voice number. This is a way of keeping your main number secret from those that receive your calls. Google Voice has various features and lets you easily switch from your its own number and that of your sim card seamlessly.

Setting it up can be tedious, so lemme break it down.

Getting A Google Voice Number

Before you can set it up on your Android smartphone, you will need to get for yourself a Google Voice number. Do not forget that the phone number is a US or Canada one. This means calls that are not the US or Canada related will attract international fees.

Setting Up Your Google Voice Account:

  1. First and foremost, get yourself logged in to Google Voice with an existing Gmail account and the password it uses.
  2. You will see a phone number from the left side menu and click the link.
  3. You can now select an existing number or let Google offer you a new one. Anyone you choose will require you to type in an area code, zip code, or city name to come up with a brand new number or to make use of a number you already use. As soon as you key in the vital info for a new number, you will be able to view a list of available options to select from. Ensure you choose the right number you want for yourself because it cannot be changed as soon as it becomes active.
  4. After that, you will have to select a forwarding number to make use of. This can vary from being home or a mobile number that is already active.
  5. When that is done, verification of the forwarding number with a code becomes necessary. Tap the call me now button to get the code, use it.
  6. When you are through with this, the last thing that needs to be done is for you to add a PIN for voicemail purposes.

When this is done, head back to your Google Voice dashboard to view your phone number that will now be visible on the left side menu. This number would’ve replaced the “Get A Voice Number.” link.

Installation Of The Google Voice App On Android

Now that you own a Google Voice number, installation of the Google Voice app on your Android is vital for you to use it. Download and install the app from the PlayStore for free.

When the installation is done on your Android, launch it and log in to your Google Account to aid in the configuration of the app. Make use of the same account that did the job when you got your Google Voice number. After Google Voice has been set up, configuration the outgoing number is the next step.

Set The Outgoing Number As Google Voice On Your Android Smartphone

Each calls you make on your phone will come from the SIM and make use of the number it came with. This is with the assumption that you have an existing SIM card inside your phone. What should be your focus now would be how you can switch easily between the number on your SIM and your Google Voice number.

To get this done:

  1. Find your way to your Google Voice app and click Settings.
  2. Access the Calls section that will be seen when you scroll down.
  3. Click on Calls Started From This Device’s Phone App in order to select the exact number that will be used for every of your outgoing call.
  4. Choose the number Google gave you and set it.
  5. To select it for every calls, select Yes, All Calls when you see the option.
  6. If you prefer to switch between your Google Voice number and SIM number, do not select this option.
  7. As you make calls, it will ask you the number you want to make use of for the outgoing phone call, as long as Yes, All Calls has not been chosen.

Working With A Dual Sim Android Phone

Dual-SIM devices are not very rampant but they are getting there. Those that need to make international calls or the ones that travel internationally from time to time will know what I am talking about. Messages can be received on your main SIM while you use a local SIM for data whenever and wherever.

These phones look very realistic for the future of private calling. But till then, it is best to focus on one of the other listed recommendations for a second phone number.


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