How You Can Uninstall Program On Mac OS Sierra


When we talk about uninstalling programs from Mac OS Sierra, it is quite different from uninstalling programs from Windows, because you do not have to go through the uninstall process to get rid of the program. Your Mac concludes you do not want a program immediately you attempt to delete it, so the uninstall takes place automatically with no further instructions from you.

For whoever needs information on how to uninstall programs on Mac, the simplest way to go about this is by dragging the program you wish to get rid of into the Trash and then emptying the trash bin. As soon as the trash bin has been emptied, then the program is uninstalled. I write further on this step below but there are also other ways you can uninstall programs on Mac.

How To Uninstall Programs On Mac OS Sierra:

  1. Open “Launchpad”.
  2. Hold down an application’s icon till it begins to jiggle.
  3. Tap Delete.
  4. For installation of the other apps, drag the apps into the Trash folder.
  5. Open the Trash folder and choose Empty.

For whoever is not certain, the trash bin can be found on the far right of the dock, and you can know just by looking at it, if it contains anything or not.

How To Uninstall A Program On Mac OS Sierra:

  1. Exit every program.
  2. Open Finder.
  3. Head to the Apps folder.
  4. Drag the chosen program you wish to uninstall to the Trash folder.
  5. Open the Trash folder and choose “Empty” from under the search bar.

For whoever is not certain, the Finder icon can be seen on the far left of the dock. It resembles a smiling face in blue.

Getting into the finder is the way to see all your folders, not only your Trash folder.

Making Use Of A 3rd Party Software

It is possible for you to download a 3rd party software uninstaller to uninstall programs on Mac. This software will assist you to totally uninstall apps on your MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air or iMac. They also get rid of lingering files that were not totally deleted. Some famous uninstall program on Mac software are:

CleanMyMac, It is very flexible and goes for $39.95 i.e 14,382 naira.
CleanApp, It helps to declutter your Mac’s system and it goes for $14.99 i.e 5,396 naira.
AppZapper, It concentrates on deleting an application’s support files that can linger when you delete an app. It costs $12.95 i.e 4,662 naira.
AppCleaner, It functions like another version of AppZapper and does not cost you a dime. But you can decide to donate if you wish.
AppDelete, Also functions like AppZapper and it will cost you $7.99 i.e 2,876 naira.


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