Huawei OS – HarmonyOS features and what makes it stand out


As you know, the Huawei operating system HarmonyOS, which has been on the agenda for a while, became official with HDC 2019. What kind of innovations does Huawei’s new OS offer with HarmonyOS features? Let’s take a closer look at these details.

Huawei HarmonyOS Features

If you remember, Huawei was blacklisted in America. Along with this development, many licenses, including Android license Huawei has been canceled, the users of that period were very uneasy. After this development, Huawei who has switched to plan B has often stated that he has developed his own operating system for a while.

Immediately after this development, Huawei, known for its new operating system, had heralded many new features.

HarmonyOS Features – High Speed ​​and Performance

The HarmonyOS operating system, which has been under development since 2017, is remarkable for its high performance. In this section, the operating system, which is home to the Deterministic Latency Engine and the high-performance Inter-Process Communication, will also make history a problem of low performance.


This feature allows application response delay time 25.7 percent decrease ratio Huawei also have IPCto the micro-kernel from the system readily available on the market we can see that the performance made five times more efficient.

HarmonyOS Features – Micro Core Architecture

During the HDC 2019 event, the new generation operating system, according to authorities, is also hosting a new micro-core design with enhanced security and downtime latency.

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In addition, the micro-core design of Huawei’s new operating system includes formal verification methods for reshaping reliability and security from scratch in the Trusted Execution Environment. These verification methods help to verify system accuracy directly from the source.


Multi-Device IDE

In addition to these details, Huawei comes with a new multi-device IDE. Thanks to the multi-device IDE, developers will be able to code their applications once and integrate them quickly into all devices. This means that developers’ applications running on multiple devices will run more efficiently and more optimized.

In this part, the company’s CEO Richard Yu says that the new operating system is claimed to change Android from top to bottom. The operating system will also support all Android applications, as well as support for HTML5 and Linux-based applications.

An Open Source Operating System

Huawei’s new operating system is also an open-source operating system. This section provides support for Java, Javascript, C and C ++, the operating system where A RK Compiler will be used for application development.

Authorities say that the new operating system will also be able to perform well on even the lowest-featured devices.

Huawei HarmonyOS Release Date

For the time being, there is no official announcement of the 

Huawei HarmonyOS release date yet. However, the operating system will be used in Huawei and Honor phones this year. It will also be used on smart TVs, tablets, IoT devices, PCs and wearable devices. In a shared report on the subject, the first smartphone that will be launched with HarmonyOS is claimed to be the Huawei Mate 30.

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