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Huawei P11 will have a camera similar to TrueDepth on iPhone X

Earlier this month, more images of the Huawei P11 appear that the new smartphone will be equipped with a camera with three high resolution lenses. Many recent reports also reveal Huawei’s next flagship design also has a “notch” design like the iPhone X.

The new report also said Huawei P11 will be integrated with a camera system similar to Apple TrueDepth.

At the launch of Honor 7X and Honor View 10, Huawei launched a 3D camera called “Point Cloud Depth Camera.” The technology is being tested by adding Mate 10, but it will be integrated into Huawei P11, the Italian technology site.

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A demo video called “Max Your View” shows that Matthew Leone, one of the engineers who made 3D cameras, introduced the camera by scanning his 3D face, everything went very fast. It claims the 3D camera “Point Cloud Depth Camera” is very similar to Apple’s TrueDepth.

The 3D camera system uses an infrared proximity scanner to detect thousands of points on the user’s face, then reset the face 3D diagrams from those points.

If the Huawei P11 actually has the same system as the iPhone X , it would be a good opportunity for Huawei to introduce a new 3D camera system. However, it is not possible to confirm the Huawei P11 when it will launch.

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  1. Now I think Huawei want to copy the footstep of iPhone x and grow higher in the phone ranking system and I know that they are going to succeed.


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