Image finally reveals what the Lenovo Z5 screen will look like

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02 4

After several leaks coming from Lenovo itself, now the latest information from Lenovo Z5 comes from a leak from another source, something that we were all really curious to know.

The renderers show the promised almost borderless screen, but unlike what we thought, it has a small border on the bottom of the screen, where the selfie sensor and other sensors will be located. Fortunately, at the top, the device does not have any notches.

However, as the images show, the sound output was not localized, suggesting that Lenovo implemented a new technology, similar to the one used in the Xiaomi Mi Mix, with the vibration screen replacing the speaker.

Other information on the confirmed Lenovo Z5 includes two rear cameras, 4TB of storage and an incredible battery that according to the company, can stay in Standby mode for 45 days. The official Launch is scheduled for June 5.


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