Important Information About 6 Types of BIN Checker Services

Mastercard Other Debit Card Bank Img
Mastercard Other Debit Card Bank Img

Simply put, BIN stands for Bank Identification Number. Thus, a BIN Checker service is the means by which an individual, a merchant, and others can check the details of a debit and credit card information to see whether these are reliable and validated. BIN checkers offer a very valuable service for online merchants who want to validate information about any card owner.

Credit Card Purchases Have Increased Over The Years
Credit Card Purchases Have Increased Over The Years

As 2020 draws to a close, more people are buying online. Goods and services are paid for with debit or credit cards. Because of the increase in these services, fraudsters take the opportunity to rip others off. So, merchants and others often want to verify the authenticity of a credit card. This step has to be taken before any transaction is approved.

About BIN

Bin On Card
Bin On Card

Like I wrote above, this is also known as Bank Identification Number. It is a 6-8 digit found on payment cards such as those debit or credit cards. It is also known as an “Issuer Identification Number (IIN). BIN is also found on gift cards and stored-value cards.

The information on BIN Number carries information on the issuing bank, the card type, card country, and network provider. It is very important for forestalling fraud in many countries.

Here below are the six different types of BIN checker websites found online:

  1. Free BIN Checker

Free Bin Checker
Free Bin Checker

As the name applies, it is free to use. Available on the internet, this BIN checker service helps checkmate debit and credit cards authenticity. It is a very reliable means of checking debit and credit card information as it is very effective and detailed. The BIN information you get here on the site also gives information on card type, country, card level, and card company.

Why Use Free BIN Checker?

  1. The database is updated daily
  2. Merchants can integrate the API service on their websites
  3. Users can select the language they prefer when searching
  4. The BIN updated on its database is often up-to-date.

So, think of the service as one of the best and it is premium service on all fronts. To start checking, just type the first 6 digits of a debit or credit card on a search tab on the site. Wait for the details to be revealed to you. The information you get is accurate.

  1. IIN BIN List

Iin Bin List
Iin Bin List

This website is also one of the and easy to use BIN checker out there on the internet. They have over 350,000 BIN numbers on their database, and that makes it one of the most used BIN checkers worldwide. Their database is accurate and often updated.

Why use IIN BIN List?

  1. The database is constantly updated
  2. There is an API service for online merchants
  3. BIN numbers are verified without third party interference

Online merchants find the use of this BIN checker service invaluable. The search result will display information about the issuing bank, card type, card network, card number, and country where the card was issued.

  1. Exact BINS Checker

Exact Bins
Exact Bins

Like IIN, this service also has a massive database of BIN updated on a monthly basis. There are service aspects of the company that is unique to their customers as well. It is one reliable place that online merchants go to ensure that customer purchases are secure and safe.

Why use Exact BINs?

  1. The database is frequently updated. Once monthly
  2. BIN information provided is very reliable
  3. API integration available
  4. Users can access both debit and credit card information

It is one solid source of comfort for online stores and e-commerce websites to rely on if they want to enjoy smooth transactions with customers. They are very adept at preventing online fraudulent practices.

  1. BIN Check

Bin Check
Bin Check

BIN Check is a website that offers a highly structured platform for validating debit and credit card information online. The BIN information stored inside the website database is updated every day. This can be preferred by some users, as opposed to those BIN databases updated monthly. The website offers a variety of other excellent services.

Why use BIN Check?

  1. Verify up to ten BIN information in a single search
  2. It gives accurate results
  3. Merchants can integrate API on their websites

This website is reputable as one of the fastest among BIN checkers online. Make use of it with full confidence, since its results are highly accurate.

  1. Credit Card Rush

Credit Card Rush
Credit Card Rush

With this website, you can test free working credit or debit cards that work always. They pride themselves on being able to update their database frequently. Since the information offered is accurate, users have no reason to doubt their authenticity.

Why use Credit Card Rush?

  1. Excellent source of online fraud prevention
  2. Excellent e-commerce money tool used for validating credit cards
  3. BIN information is very accurate and up-to-date

The real identity of the car owner can be seen when you make use of this service. They claim that they make use of an automatic verification system to verify the authenticity of credit card details. You can also get access to a reliable credit card generator testing service here.

  1. Bank BIN List

Bank Bin List
Bank Bin List

This website offers quality and efficient BIN checker services to all who need them. Business owners, online merchants, and others find it very important to avoid fraudulent payments online. The website has about 300,000 BIN information in its database. That amount is also rising daily.

Why use Bank BIN List?

  1. It offers a clean, beautiful user interface that is easy to navigate
  2. It offers accurate results
  3. There is API integration for website owners
  4. BIN data can be downloaded in Doc and PDF formats

On the website, a search window is provided for accessing the authenticity of cards. The action of search is very short, so the user will not wait for too long. The results offered will contain the card information such as the one that customers input on a website when they want to purchase online. If you scroll down the website, you can also get information on IIN and BIN list by country. All you have to do is click on your desired country to see what information is available for a particular country.


These are a few very reliable BIN checkers found online. They are very important if we want to reduce cases of fraudulent purchases in the system. The ones listed here offer very accurate information for business owners and individuals. For online merchants, the best way to make use of these websites is to integrate the API on their e-commerce sites.


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