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In 2022, why are people still buying iPod Touch?

On May 10, Apple announced that it would stop producing a new iPod Touch. And that sales continue until stock runs out. Despite this, many users are still going to buy iPod Touch devices, although today everyone who owns an iPhone necessarily has everything needed to play songs with the same experience that users of iPod Touch get, so why would one buy a separate song device from the phone?

Why do people keep buying iPod Touch?

  • The first reason is the price. iPod  Touch is cheap. It provides everything the user wants from browsing the Internet, listening to songs, and even downloading applications and playing electronic games. But without the ability to connect or install mobile SIM cards. So with its low price, it’s a good bargain despite missing an essential feature.
Ipod Touch Device
Ipod Touch Device
  • iPod Touch devices provide what can be considered “safe devices for children” where they can enjoy the Internet, listen to songs and play games, without having to carry a mobile phone with them. This is ideal for parents who believe that their children are not yet qualified to have their own mobile phones. At the same time, they want the children to have a complete entertainment system.
  • The iPod Touch is a traditional alternative to the iPhone that has taken a leap, both in price and design. These are simple, understandable, uncomplicated devices. It has a 3.5 mm jack to facilitate connecting external speakers. The operating capabilities are still competitive in the market. All this at a significantly lower price.
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Ipod Touch 002
Ipod Touch 002
  • iPod Touch is perfect for those who like to customize a device for every aspect of their lives. Those who buy Kindle devices for reading, cell phones for calls, and laptops for watching videos on the big screen. And so on. Those who want to save their mobile phone battery in exchange for carrying an extra device will find the iPod Touch is the perfect solution for them.

In the end. This does not mean that we encourage you to buy iPod Touch. Because, in our personal opinion, it is still not comparable with the premium iPhone phones. Perhaps this is what prompted Apple to stop its production, but on the other hand, we would like to market to you the reasons that may push other users to buy a song player from Apple.


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