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Incredibly Lightweight Swiss Hypercar Revealed

2021 is a year to break new records. For the automobile industry, there are records to be broken too and the one we are especially interested in is the latest Swiss hypercar that is said to be the lightest car in the world right now, because it weighs just 1985 pounds.

A not-very-known car company called Picasso Automotive is said to be responsible for this miracle. Amazingly, this is also the first car from the company. It is a PS-01 hypercar constructed entirely from carbon fiber, which also serves to make it lightweight.

According to reports from SlashGear, one of the body’s carbon fiber panels is 10.5 feet long and it is the longest carbon fiber panel ever used on an automobile.

Apart from the carbon fiber body panels, the rear subframe consists of entirely carbon as well, using engineering inspiration from LMP2 endurance racing cars. Teaser images of the car are now available online, and although they don’t fully give interested people a glimpse of what the new car may be like, they suggest an idea of what the car may look like.

Picasso Ps 01 4
Picasso Ps 01

The company has offered a statement regarding when a full image or teaser will be revealed, saying that it will be later this year. The company said that the first example of the mid-engine car will be complete by the spring of 2021.

There are still some aspects of the car that are a bit sketchy. Power for the car is one example. However, Picasso Automotive said that the vehicle will use a twin-turbo V6 derived from one of the most famous Italian cars. That should take around 600 horsepower.

The hypercar maker also revealed that the gearbox will be made by Sadev, while the seats are built by Sabelt, but the brakes are coming from Carbo Brakes, and the suspension is made by Öhlins. That tells of what must have gone into the partnership between Picasso Automotive and other companies.

Overall, the performance of the car should be impressive basing on what experts already know about the details of the car. The company has a goal of building sports cars that focus on impressive power-to=weight ratios.

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