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Instagram Threads, the new app to contact your closest friends


Instagram wants to continue offering the best to its users to remain one of the most popular social networks. That’s why he always tries to innovate and this time he wants to offer something new to his fans. This is Threads, the new messaging app of the social network, to keep in touch with your closest friendsWould you like to know more? So don’t miss this post.

Discover Threads, the new Instagram app

Instagram introduced Threads, a messaging application designed to be used only with your closest friends. This app, which we had already met last August, allows you to quickly share text, photos, and videos with your list of close friends.


It also invites you to constantly and passively share your location, status, and other personal data, which may generate some user privacy controversies.

And you can choose how long you want your statuses to be available to others. But the really controversial thing is that you can use an automatic state, which will be updated throughout the day as you progress through the routine.

That is, the app will inform you when you are at home or at work, for example, and will be updated accordingly. However, Instagram said it won’t store your exact location but uses the information to create context.

The app also offers customizable shortcuts for your closest friends. So, if you use it primarily to text two or three people, you can place your profile picture at the bottom of the camera screen. Take a photo, tap your friend’s profile picture, and swipe up to sendIt’s that simple!

Instagram continues to fight Snapchat


Threads represent Instagram’s latest effort to create a complementary messaging tool to the direct messages it already owns. And also to try to counter the momentum of Snapchat, which is still popular with young people. Largely thanks to its light-fast camera-based messaging system.

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Now we can’t wait to know how the application will be received by Instagram users. However, it appears to be a safe bet by the Facebook-owned social network.

Threads is now available for download for both Android and iOS devices.

And if you have already tried the threads, you can tell us your experience through the comments.

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