Instagram to Launch its Lite App with Reels in 170 Countries


Instagram Lite – As part of measures to further satisfy the quest of users, Instagram will once again launch the app it tried to release back in 2022. This app is a Lite version of what it already has. It could be like the one the company released earlier but that was pulled from the Play Store. That one was deleted in 2022 by Instagram.

It seems that the company has figured out a better way to make the app serve users satisfactorily in 2022. There will be new features accompanying the launch of the new app. It is said that the new app will be slightly larger than the one it pulled in 2022, but it is still a smaller one compared with what obtains at present.

Ig Lite
Ig Lite

The present app on Android is 30 MB but the lighter version will be 2 MB. This new app, which will be distributed to about 170 countries, with the U.S being the main country, will have no iOS version. But that is not to say that Instagram will not plan on that for the future.

The 2 MB will allow the app to offer new features like the ability for users to send direct messages, record, and post videos. Prominently, the Reels tab will feature on the homepage while it will delete the shopping tab. For now, Instagram has no plans to bring shopping to its platform lite edition, but Reels is doing well in places like India, so the team is keeping it.

There will be no ads for now, on the Lite Instagram app. Probably, that can change later because, in an interview, a spokesperson of the company said that it is committed to offering the full suite of monetization tools.

Facebook and TikTok are among the social media platforms that have launched their own Lite apps in recent years.


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