Install Samsung Galaxy S8 DreamUX ROM on Galaxy S5 [All Apps & Features]

galaxy s8 rom dream ux install galaxy s5 696x413
galaxy s8 rom dream ux install galaxy s5 696x413

Many Samsung devices have had the opportunity of having a small taste of the Samsung Galaxy S8 DreamUX experience. Many developers across the Android world have come up with different custom ROMs all based on the new Galaxy s8 DreamUX TouchWiz firmware.

A few other Samsung phones such as Galaxy s7 and Galaxy S6 have been opportune to have a taste of the S8 features and apps, all thanks to these ROMs.

A developer just recently published the first Galaxy S8 ROM build for the Samsung Galaxy S5. Even though the Galaxy S5 has been around for over three years, the phone still keeps receiving regular support from enthusiastic developers, and as such, the phone is still being kept up-to-date with the latest features and apps.

The ROM referred to earlier has all the bells and whistles of Samsung’s latest flagship. The ROM also comes with many other benefits. They include a launcher, weather, video, and much more.

How To Install Samsung Galaxy S8 DreamUX ROM Port on Galaxy S5.

This ROM is just perfect as it gives you the best Samsung Galaxy S8 experience. It also has proven to be the best so far among other custom ROMs as it comes with a complete app pack which include Galaxy S8 launcher, S Browser, video, voice recorder, weather widget, fonts, sounds, keyboard and many other features.

The custom ROM is built based on the latest firmware. It comes rooted with SuperSU 2.79, deodexed, debloated and it also comes with Boeffla kernel for increased battery life and better performance.

The ROM, however, is designed to work for only some variants of the Samsung Galaxy S5. Listed below are the supported variants.

Supported Variants

  • SM-G900F
  • SM-G9009D
  • SM-G900I
  • SM-G900P
  • SM-G900T
  • SM-G900S
  • SM-G900L
  • SM-G900K
  • SM-G9006
  • SM-G9008
  • SM-G9009W
  • SCL23 (Japan)
  • SC-04 (Japan)

If your variant of Samsung Galaxy S5 appears above, you can proceed with the process, but if it does not, please do not continue with the process as your phone might end up getting bricked.

Download Required Files

Below are the files you need to download before you proceed with the process.

Installation process

Before you proceed, make sure you have installed TWRP on your device.

  • Download the Galaxy S8 DreamUX ROM and move it to your phone internal storage.
  • Next, turn off your phone by holding the power button down for a few seconds.
  • Turn the phone back on by holding the volume up, power and home buttons at the same time. When the phone turns on, it will boot into recovery mode.
  • Wipe data, cache and also perform a factory reset. Doing this will make sure installation is free and problem free. Make sure you have backed up all your files before this process.
  • Go to “Install Zip” and choose the ROM file. Swipe to the left to flash the file.
  • Once the installation process is done, turn off your phone and restart it the normal way.

Note that it will take a bit long while booting this time because it is booting for the first time on a fresh installation of a custom ROM. When your phone is done booting, you will be greeted with the new Galaxy S8 user experience and interface. Congratulations, you have installed a custom ROM on your Samsung Galaxy S5.


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