Interepro SmartWatch – Ideal Fitness Tracker for Men & Women

Interepro Smart Watch Black
Interepro Smart Watch Black

Here’s a smartwatch (Interepro SmartWatch) that helps the wearer to monitor a wide range of activities, while not keeping them from doing what’s important in their life.

Important Functions of Interepro SmartWatch

The smartwatch has been found to be ideal in monitoring your health status, and can also work as a sports digital watch. Another advantage of the device is that it monitors heart rate, sleep and counts the steps that the wearer makes.

The other valuable functions of the smartwatch include blood oxygen monitoring, alarm clock, anti-lost, incoming call reminder, message reminder, remote control take photo, mileage monitoring, listening to music.

Interepro SmartWatch Design

Here’s a smartwatch that’s more than that. This is also an earbuds case. To see what you got, open the dial of the watch. Don’t be surprised to find two tiny cute earbuds. They are charged directly by the watch.

Once you connect the watch to your phone, the earbuds start working automatically. You can use earbuds to listen to music. To put on the Bluetooth headset, press the headset button to reveal 25.

Interepro Smart Watch
Interepro SmartWatch

Interepro SmartWatch Main Specs

Control ModeTouch Display
Main Shell MaterialGlass and Aluminum
Battery200mAh polymer
Optical SensorOSRAM SFH7070
Data StorageLocal/Cloud servers


How To Use Interepro SmartWatch

Your smartwatch works with an app that could be gotten from Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store. Search for ‘Power Band’, download, and install the app. Turn on the Bluetooth of your phone, open Power Band, go to Devices, look for X5, Bond X5. Remember that X5 is your Interepro SmartWatch.

To connect the earbuds, take them out of the watch, then go to the phone Bluetooth setting, then try to connect X5 Media audio to hear a voice say “Pairing Connected.”

Be careful when you charge the smartwatch. Never use fast charging chargers, as it will damage the inner battery and make the display of the watch dim.

Use Interepro SmartWatch to Manage Your Health

For health management, you may use this device to monitor your heart rate, blood oxygen, blood pressure, and sleep quality. Do that anywhere you are and at any time. You can develop good exercise habits, as this smartwatch helps you calculate the steps you take every day, and the distances you cover.

Get Instant Notifications

Interepro Smart Watch Waterproof
Interepro SmartWatch Waterproof

Once the connection is complete with your smartphone, you can get notifications from WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, WeChat, LINE, email, and other social apps. It means that the device will help you stay informed and you won’t miss important deadlines.

Interepro SmartWatch Battery Life

The battery capacity is 200mAh, for the earbuds, the battery is 30mAh. You can fully charge it within two hours, and you can make use of it for between seven and ten days.

The Price

It costs $49.99 online without the cost of shipping. Buy now because this price is a discount. Once the discount period is over, the price goes back to over $50.


Several reasons have been given as to why this smartwatch is a device of choice for many. The functionalities really make sense, and it works the way it should. It is an item that is able to survive intense negative situations. Comparing the money and the quality, it wins as well. The problem by some has been that their mobile phones can’t find the watch. Apart from that, the Interepro SmartWatch is a good choice.


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